Trayvon is my son

Tiny - Posted on 22 March 2012

For Trayvon, Ramarley, Oscar and Kenneth Harding and all of their mamaz


Trayvon is my son

and my brother and my uncle

and my coz-zin

and that aint no riddle

cuz i am /we r the village

and it aint about the pillage of

senseless killins n racist hate


Can u relate?


Trayvon is my son

cuz i am/we r the often spoken bout

but never understood one - 



Trayvon is my son

n i am crying now for this mama's one


but i got to speak bout something else u see

a thing not so clear or easy

the fake concept of security


safe space

in a place

they call gated communities


how we separate ourselves from each other

from the ones among us who are hated, called names, criminalized, thru lies of

racism and poverty-

turned into the "other"


I speak on this as someone always left

truly kept out, and always swept out

under jail house rugs

fetishized titles

and poverty pimped thugs


and yet tell me why i can walk down that same street in

in my melanin challenged skin

and i will get no guns or questions


GentriFUKEd- and displaced-

thru deep capitalist hate

got us all changed from our African roots

make this mama scream

until i can't even see beyond the oppressors boots


cuz what is sad is no matter where u go the racism and hate will always be

or like my strong black indian mama sed-

no matter wut

im still called a nigger in this plantation system

of po'lice, gentrification,&  fake security


For trayvon and Ramarley,

Oscar and Kenneth Harding

Dont believe the myth of secure communities,

gates and the flight

away from you and me-

don't believe a 911 call makes u safe

or the conceot that separateness and distance from your people

is behind a gate with a pretty name

its a scam

a hustle

enabling the continuation

of racist, capitalist killin

of each other


For us to stop the killin

it means to create our own multi-colored, spirit-filled


without race-hatred,

understanding reparations


filled with you and you,

me and we


This is liberation, interdependence, revolution

can u feel me?


Join us @  Trayvon is my son-  Scream-Our for Justice on Monday, March 26th @ 12:00 noon in front of the Hall of In-justice @ 850 Bryant st San Francisco

Click here to join 900,000 people who have already signed our petition calling for justice for our son Trayvon.

This poem really grabs the heart, shakes the soul, and carries the spirit of Trayvon and all murdered young men in cold blood. Love the way you inserted yourself, and showed the world how you always identified with these atrocities.

Thanks for sharing, Tiny!

Marlon Crump


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