Living Pimp-Free...

Tiny - Posted on 25 January 2012

Dedicated to all warriors for Decolonization from this web of lies... thx for NEVER giving up the fight!


Living pimp –free

is not eas-y

because to be really, truly pimp-free

is to be without

the security


Of systems in place,

To secure and displace,

to create fakely named safe space,

With simple answers to hard questions

Like violence and hate,

Poverty and race


U see –

to live Pimp free

Is to deconstruct ALL the capitalist realities

Of Po’lice, Politricks,NPIC, and white supremacy


To recognize how so few peoples got all that stolen money, trading on false borders, prisons and

indigenous peoples liberty


And to live pimp free-

To really be truly free-

Is to redesign systems based on eldership, ancestors, Pachamama

And We


To deconstruct all the simple answers of why

we kill each other,

starve our mothers,

shoot and kill our black and brown brothers

incarcerate so many others


To walk through lyfe pimp-free

is to stop, look, listen and see-

Move off- the grid of control, share resources, with each other –

Teach ourselves and our children

Build our own pimp-free housing –

create our own work and jobs

Barter with each other

Launch reparations of blood-stained amerikkkan dollaz


Reach out and touch

Connect with, repair and love

All of us-


Without a step and fetch it hustle –

But with the decolonized truth-

even if it hurts, confuses, takes time

and means more “trouble” 


U see

to live pimp-free- IS the revolution

In a 21st century corporate %1-led Aristocracy


So here I am in my dreams

riding pimp-free

Slanging elders knowledge instead of what they charge u for in eugenecist kkkollege

Scolding, holding and caring for mamaz, babies and elders,

Marching, protesting and acting against devil-opers, sacred site desecrators, bank-pimps, corporate pimps and po’lice killers

Bartering food, starting our children good,

Listening to our ancestors, caring for our mama

Taking the lessons even when they are filled with drama-

Trying, not dying, to live, to give, to dream, to see- a life for all of us- that is truly

Pimp –free


 We aint there yet – but Creator knows –

It will someday be…

a life-

that is truly pimp-free..


Save the Date: Living Pimp-Free: The Revolutionary Change Session- Juneteenth 2012 -(June 15-18): Decolonizing, Healing and Preparing For Liberation From ALL Plantations and Pimpologies

Living Pimp-Free will be a three day intensive seminar to heal, decolonize and prepare for life beyond plantations, pimping, po'licing and profiteering to realize, vision and conceptualize sharing, caring and true inter-dependence as peoples....details upcoming


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