Someday the Poor Will Run Wall Street

Tiny - Posted on 28 September 2011

I am a low-income, African-American mother of four. I have worked all my life.  1 year ago after the all the rich people working downtown as bankers and investors were paid 7 billion dollars, my landlord was foreclosed on. I have never owned a house and probably never will, because i will never have that kind of money or credit. But i have rented a rent-controlled apartment which i was evicted out of because of the foreclosure.

Now i am homeless with my children.

When my sister Tiny (PNN co-editor)  called me to ask me how I felt about the the Wall Street protests, I said." oh yea!!! that's what I'm talking about. Finally some people speaking up to these legalized gangsters and bank pimps."

Sadly, i can't go to the protests. I don't have the time. I am too busy working two jobs just to save money to try to move out of the shelter we are in to hopefully somewhere safe for me and my kids.

But those folks are speaking for me and all poor peoples who don't even know if we can pay for the rising cost of food much-less dream of getting a loan or a mortgage from these terrible corporate thieves.

Tiny thinks that someday Capitalism will end and po mamas like me and her and all of the never thought about people will have the chance to take care of ourselves and our children and our land.

I hope so. But right now i walk around my cleaning job with a smile on my face as i empty the trash of rich white people in a luxury hotel i work for. Someday, i dream, maybe these people will finally understand the struggle i have seen and maybe someday the poor people can run Wall Street.

Maria Lourdes is a poverty and mama skolar and PoorNewsNetwork New York Correspondent

700 billion dollars... (unless you are referring to something different) but I want to hold this up, because it would take 22,000 years to count to 700 billion by ones.
That's a big difference, and it's insulting because with that much money we could buy every one on earth an Ipad or whatever.
(Never mind the 1 billion people a day who live on less than a dollar.)

I took part of the protest in San Francisco financial district, where couple arrest happend...i remember the faces of terror of the people who work for the Dow Jones...after they seen the people protesting in front of theirs doors...We poor people are more in Numbers, then the people who oppress us..and disrespect US...I literally can't wait...when the poor eat the rich and the people who disrespect us....

And after you eat them, I'm sure you'll follow another tradition of your ancestors, and shrink their heads.

...and po mamas like me and her and all of the never thought about people will have the chance to take care of ourselves and our children and our land."

Um, and how will you do that? Do you know how to farm?
And if capitalism ends, how will you run Wall Street, since there will be nothing to run. (Headquarters of capitalism, remember?)
Maybe your sister Tiny isn't quite a well-informed as you, or she, thinks.

...and you still defend it? LOL... good luck with that.

...because those who wish for change the most are usually the least equipped to handle it. Disagree? Then consider what you would do if you had to run a Wall Street firm or a farm, or administer land. Seriously, as much as you may fantasize about it while emptying waste baskets, would you know how to begin to even pretend to do the job? Godd luck with THAT.


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