I am Troy Davis Killed at the hands of overseers of plantations

Tiny - Posted on 20 September 2011

I am troy Davis

Killed at the hands of overseers of plantations


I am Kenneth Harding

Murdered by Po’Lice for not having

2 Dollaz


I am Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell, Idriss Stelley and peoples killed by ALL these occupying armies –


I am a migrante mama crossing three false borders and dying

So gringos can shop at Walmart, Target and keep believing the corporate lying


I am cut deep – so deep, I can hardly speak , see or weep

Straight down the middle

So confused  by the sys who follows the “if you don’t got money you don’t got justice”



I am ALL my brothers and sisters killed by poverty , racism and complacency

And yet what I am NOT

Is Silent ANYMORE!

Walk into markets, bus stops, paycheck places and Liqour sto’s

And tell the ALL the people

Who let wall street keep ticking,

Bank of Apartheid clicking

Po’lice Killing

To Believe the Lies No MO’


Stop believing in the White man’s definition of security

Stop picking up the phone

And inviting the military into our hoods and barrios


Think AND ACT outside the Box.. People!

Speak  up in places we should not be

Never call the Po’Lice and

Don’t watch the fake media and believe the Man’s side of the story

Just cuz it sounds nice

AND Never touch the man’s poison-which mite cause u to perpetrate

violence on yer family or homies


Be Alert – Speak Up and Don’t Ever  stop the Noise


Dedicated to Troy Anthony Davis and his family and all victims of Amerikkkan Just-US

Hey Tiny This is Dell'Trianna and this peace created is beautiful.

Prohibido Olvidar Tookie williams, Troy Davis, and many more that these beast call capitalism have taken from us...somos mas que ustedes..

Right on Sista Tiny... keep on hollerin'
xo, Noh Identity

Keep on screaming your head off for all those who are nobody.

...keep screaming your head off, like the nobody you are. LOL


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