We Demand Justice for Murder Victim Kerry Baxter Junior!

Tiny - Posted on 22 August 2011

August 22, 2011

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Kerry Baxter Junior, a nineteen year old, African American Male, was shot and killed, on January 16, 2011. That night he left his home accompanied by two young women, one of whom was described as his girlfriend. The two assailants were described as two African American males by witnesses, yet the Police have released no description of the Gunmen. Kerry was not armed and his assailants chased him from San Antonio Park, before shooting him in front of San Antonio Church. There is no known motive for his killing, although there is speculation that they may have been attempting to rob Kerry. The Police are ignoring clues and witnesses in the case and the family believes the lead detective should be taken off of the case. The head of Oakland's homicide bureau is Lt. Brian Medeiros, a homicide Detectives who in 2001 arrested and charged, Kerry Baxter Senior with murder. The family and Kerry Baxter Senior, are appealing a 66-year sentence he received under California's Three Strike Law. The case was mismanaged by then Sgt. Brian Medeiros and the District Attorney’s Office. Kerry Baxter Senior (then 34-years old), was involved in an altercation with several gang members in front of the Martinque Bar in East Oakland in March of 2001.

Now that Kerry Baxter Junior has been killed, Lt. Brian Medeiros is in charge of the investigation. The family has asked the Police Review Board in Oakland, to remove him from the investigation of Kerry Baxter Juniors Murder. Medieros had a history with Kerry, which began in April of 2001, when he took him out of his elementary school, and questioned him in a Police Patrol car, without a parent present. The OPD went into their Berkeley Apartment and destroyed it, and even cut the mattresses of Kerry Junior and his brother Kmani. The Oakland Police Department has ignored clues in the killing of Kerry Baxter Junior, by not questioning his friends, or people who knew him and his habits. His best friend saw him the night he was killed, and shared information about his demeanor. Yet, the Oakland Police have not interviewed his friend. They have not posted a reward and do not return calls from family members.

The eyewitnesses should be considered material witnesses, yet they have not been offered protection by the Police Department. The family does not believe there will be any movement on the case until an independent investigator is assigned, and are demanding that the Citizens Review Board take action immediately. Those who shot Kerry Baxter Junior are roaming the streets of Oakland and are armed and dangerous.

but in the state where I live, police departments are not the agencies responsible for providing witness protection, and our citizen review boards do not have the power reassign cases within a department.

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