Old Face

Tiny - Posted on 21 August 2011

Tony Robles



In elementary School he was

The guy with the

Old face


That’s what we

Called him,

Old face


He was 11 or 12

But looked

About 70


He was a Chinese kid

that resembled an innocent

bystander in a kung fu movie who was

humble and industrious but got his

ass kicked by the local king pin's



He barely spoke

And when he did

It was usually inaudible


He dressed like an old

Man, pants that looked

Like pajama bottoms and shoes

That looked like slippers


But in reality

he was not that far

removed from diapers


We’d call him old face

And bully him in

Little ways like killing him

In four square


He spoke with his eyes that

Said he wanted to kill us

With a sharp object or plant

A nicely executed kung fu kick

Into our asses


The years went by and

Now we’re heading towards

50 and when I looked up from

The bus stop the other day I

Saw a face


It was



same pants that looked

like pajama bottoms,

same slippers









© 2011 Tony Robles


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