To the SF Police: Running for Your Life is Probable Cause

Tiny - Posted on 11 August 2011

Giancarlo Campagna

Editors Note: Giancarlo is a resident of the Bayview


To the SF Police Running for Your Life is Probable Cause

"Two single dollars are worth more to them than our lives.
The very existence of the police clearly endangers all of us"
                                             -Anonymous Indybay writer

On Saturday July 16th in the Bayview
The rocket’s red glare at 4:40 in the afternoon
A 19 yr old black man is shot dead
Running from policemen

It all started with him not having
Money the lousy 2 bucks for MUNI so he attempted
To dodge a history of reprisal
For being a black man with or without money

In the end forced by the first blow he lay
On the asphalt with numerous bullets in him
And blood mixing into the uneven ground
Of the entrance to the Opera House parking lot

He cried for help he tried lifting himself to safety
But none came for him his family in another state
People rushing to defend begging for his life
Crying for his life to wash back in

The police surrounding guns drawn
Pointing wouldbe casings
At them like hunters to their kill
They closed the circle

The man’s body depleted of its potential for growth
Depleted the body breaks beneath the bullet
It breaks against the force of money
Worth more to the controllers than life itself

Depleted of any doubts forming another question
To a young black man in the US under the bullet a question
To a populous so riddled so pained so in turmoil so over beautiful
With unformulated rebellion

Giancarlo Campagna're kidding, right?

This 19 year old black man, to dodge a "history of reprisal," jumped on a bus without the fare, and died in a hail of police bullets as a result. They shot him for that, and for no other reason. Right.

By the way, I REALLY think that the colon in the headline should be a comma. I'll let you figure out why.

Takes one to know one

...I think you mean rectum; you know, the thing you see when you look in the mirror.


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