Illegal Evictions in East Oakland

Tiny - Posted on 10 August 2011

Join the East Oakland residents who have suffered illegal removal from their homes on August 19th @ 12:00pm @ Oakland City Hall- Frank Ogawa Plaza for a press conference and rally for Housing justice

I would love to help the people in all kind of ways, I know what they're going through, and would be happy to help. People are afraid to speak up, yet they need to have resources to back up their fight THE MAN will walk all over you, there is power in number and power in your voice.

Why should we respect the rights of the properties classes when all of that land was stolen in the first place? It does not belong to them. Land belongs to all people, and the revolution to return to communal living and original instructions is coming. We can not sustain the current exploitative capitalist white supremacist patriarchal police state anyways. Mother earth will see to that. Get your priorities together! We are all beautiful, valuable, and worthy. It's time to take it back!

...but everything you are saying here was quite in vogue a hundred years ago. And went permanently out of style with the collapse of the Soviet Union. But good luck with the whole neo-Marxist thing.

We live in a corporate dictatorship


Actually, you're incorrect in your evaluation of my comment and the location of it's relevance. Capitalism is the source of dire environmental destruction, the earth can not and will not sustain it's continuance. A green economy, although attractive, will not reverse the current trends either. If you know anything, you know that whether we like it or not our current system of exploitative white supremist capitalist patriarchy will not be viable in the near future. Thanks to patriarchy, we have young men and old men running around here thinking they can exploit the world without repercussions. Dues have to be paid one way or another. I understand you oppressor that it is us, the oppressed, who must liberate you in mind, body, and spirit. This is not a reminiscent account of beliefs from 100 years ago, thus is the current and future account of how the world must go. You, dear ignorant fool, must try your hardest to grow and join us here in the 21st century. Social services are not responsible for draining state and federal funds-- the police/military state is. The cost of endless (unnecessary) wars, more police than teachers, no bid private mercenary contracts around the world, prison guards with lower IQs than prisoners being paid 2x more than teachers, private prison construction, etc etc, are the reasons our state/fed can't provide adequate care go us all. You like the police and (in)justice system right? You're a socialist. We have socialized police services. You and your argument are flawed and make no sense, so please stop talking as if you are fundamentally against something when your not.

Do not understand this world, but i do understand is that the people and corporations that are doing this thing are getting stronger and on top of that are using us the people as there protection. Police, lawyers , Military and all that is been use against the people who are just trying to live.

...that housing is a "natural right." Hate to tell you this, but in the real world, housing is something you have to earn. And if that's news to you, here's something you really won't want to hear: the area around the SF bay is just about the most liberal in the country, outside of New York. If things aren't going your way in Oakland, don't count on doing better elsewhwere.

P.S. An eviction notice is not an "unlawful detainer," and you don't need to be served personally.

P.S. (in case you know what that means) Far from wanting to be given "equal" treatment, you want to be treated unlike anyone else: you want have what you're not paying for.

this young lady here works 10 times harder than you. I bet what you consider work is sitting in an office with a window overlooking all the little people under you.

P.s. everyone had there shit taken away buy the gringos and european when they exiled and tried to en-salve everyone that was a "Minority" you separated the people, turn them against each other with drugs and you think if she cant make it in Sf than she deserves to die, starve, move ?! People that think like you will not contribute to peace.

...but I'd like to see your kind get along without the taxes I pay.
I have no idea if your awful grammar is the result of a poor education, or of drug use, but if you think that anyone in the U.S. actually had any "shit" (except actual shit) before "gringos" and "european" arrived to "en-slave" everyone, you really need to brush up on your history. And hint: this site is not a good place to do it.

Oh, yeah, let's bring in the "I pay taxes" and "You're on drugs" and "You want special treatment" arguments that have been used so tirelessly in the past.

In the past is where they should remain.

I have news for you: everyone pays taxes. We pay it in the paychecks we cash, in the clothing we purchase, in the food we eat, in the gas we pump, in the utilities we rely upon. Excise taxes, local taxes, federal taxes, social security taxes, 911 taxes, road use don't get on our shit for stating that YOU are privileged because YOU pay taxes, because we all do - whether we can afford to or not!

As for that "your kind", that was an incredibly racist remark on your part. I have to wonder what you're doing here on this board? Go back to your suburban home and worry about whether you can afford to have the pool re-tiled.

We don't want special treatment. We want equal treatment. Unfortunately, we don't matter when the almighty dollar speaks. And people like you march in lock-step with it. is people yelling "racism" every time the term "your kind" or "you people" is mentioned. For your information, I meant people of your political ilk. I have no idea what your race is, and, for that matter, you have no idea what mine is, though I would venture to guess that you've made a (racist) assumption about it.
I am well aware, thank you, that everyone pays certain types of taxes, and I apologize if the generalization obscured my meaning, but it is a fact that that largest slice of governmental revenue comes from the income tax, and it is also a fact that almost half of the people in the US pay none. (To be clear, those that work may have income tax deducted from their paychecks, but it is all returned to them, along with a hefty bonus from the so-called "earned income tax credit" if they happen to have children under 17.)
Do you want "special treatment?" I don't know, but it seems clear that you want what others (such as myself) are paying for. Well, I may be "upper income" compared to you, but I assure you that I am not rich, and I find it galling enough to pay the way for (yes, GASP, I'm about to say it again!) your kind, without you spewing your lack of gratitude. (Yes, I said "gratitude." I suppose you always imagined that getting as much as you possibly can in the way of government benefits was some kind of right.)

It's the closest I've seen you come to being honest. We are all human beings, and we need to help each other. It doesn't matter what race you are, and I don't think POOR magazine or it's members CARE what race you are, because it is what is in your heart, and in your mind that matters.
I believe the idea in question here is that the poor are HUMAN BEINGS, just as are the rich, the crazed, the over achievers, the blind, the lazy, and the drunk. And as human beings, if we don't help each other, and receive help, we are going to all die alone in a mountain of burned out electronics, laying on a bed of saved receipts for Income tax purposes.
We can draw lines all over... ideological, theological, racial, whatever.
But in the end, our humanity is what defines us.... and to leave one human being out is to leave a part of us all out.
I guess I'd like to encourage you, if you are going to post comments everywhere, at least do so honestly, and don't be so mean spirited. This is not about you, and it's not about me. It's about us.


What do you gain personally by people being evicted from their apartments because developers always favor untenanted buildings? Are you such a developer or an employee of one? What do you gain by other people's houselessness or other forms of poverty?

You made a big deal about being a taxpayer. Do you think you will pay fewer taxes if the government stops social programs? Don't bet on it. The government is too busy giving your and my tax money to its real constituents: banksters and war profiteers. The problem is not the fact of taxes but where they go. I would rather they go toward helping people live rather than making people die. Do you favor the opposite, or do you just not believe in taxes because you believe as Margaret Thatcher of Britain does, that there is no society, only individuals and families?

Ask yourself this: Why must we (everyone, including YOU) pay to live on the planet we're born on?

Can you ever imagine humanity rising to the level of consciousness needed to realize that this notion of earning is irrational and inhumane? Housing, along with food, clothing, shelter and health care are basic biological necessities for everyone, regardless of ability to pay.

Capitalism was never designed to provide goods and services to those who have not the ability to pay the asking price. Efforts to make it accommodate the poor are halting, resented and largely futile. We are better off ditching the concepts of paying, owing, earning and deserving, which carry with them certain people's moral values on that subject, in favor of the scientifically observable fact of universal need.

Why are we not ENTITLED to what we need simply because we need it to continue on the planet? Why must other people or institutions decide whether we have "earned" the means of our existence? Who the hell is anyone to decide that for anyone else?

The notion that if you work hard enough you will succeed and that those who don't succeed have chosen not to work, or are substance abusers is a blatant lie. Often the people who work hardest make the least money. The farm workers who picked the vegetables on YOUR plate are my prime example.

Often people who want to "earn a living" (What? Aren't we already living?) cannot do so because there are not enough jobs (as opposed to work) to go around. A job application is a request for permission to "earn a living". Having to ask permission to do something society requires of you is irrational.

Have you ever considered that competition, even one that is totally fair and honest, creates losers as well as winners? Every day of the season, 50% of baseball teams lose their games no matter how hard they try, how skilled they are, or how well they are managed. That's the good news. McDonald's had a national hiring day where they accepted roughly 6 percent of their applicant pool. Stanford University accepts 8%. These were people looking for the means of existence. That's the bad news. Does it really make sense to base distribution of goods and services we all need on competition? Businesses only need so many people to operate and we can only have so many businesses because you cannot have infinite growth on a finite planet.

Socialism goes awry because it too depends on money and jobs. Some socialists say having a job should be a human right, but that overlooks the overproduction problem. What happens to the workers when they produce more than is needed? Layoffs, the bust in the boom and bust cycle is what happens. That does not lessen the need for the biological basics.

And what if you lose your job because of your bosses' criminality? Enron is my prime example here. Does your landlord or mortgage holder care? No. Are you a failure because someone else committed crimes and screwed up your company? No. But you still have bills to pay, and no job.

Technology is displacing people. Outsourcing is sending jobs to places where people will do them for less money, even skilled jobs like analyzing x-rays. (So much for getting a good education to get a good job). Corporate profits are growing while people are "earning" less money or making nothing at all.
Why do you defend such a system? What is the source of your anger and fear?

Working for a living is a barbaric way to make and distribute goods and services. It creates a lot of gratuitous suffering. Do you believe that life should be hard and that most people should suffer just because? If so, why? Just because that's the way it has always been? Why not change things? Ask yourself again: Why must we pay to live on the planet we're born on? And don't take "because that's the way it is" for an answer.

The system only makes sense if you are looking to mark yourself as better and more important than others because you have more and better things. But he who dies with the most toys still dies. That is a fundamental equality of all people that no one, no matter how wealthy, has yet to defy.

...I was in agreement with you for your first two paragraphs. I am not a developer, and you are mistaken if you think I support handouts to banks and corporations.
But you totally lost me with your notion that people should not have to work for a living. Exactly how do you imagine that man-kind developed to the point that the government assistance programs that you seem to advocate are even possible? Don't you realize that if people had followed the non-competative
path you seem to favor, we'd all still be living in caves? Can't you see that innovation and capitalism go hand in hand? And if that's a bad thing, where would you have the development of human civilizaton stop?
True, he who dies with the most toys still dies, but if your name happens to be Marconi, Ford, Jobs, or any one of thousands (millions?) of entrepreneurs, greater or lesser, in history, then you at least have the satisfaction of knowing that you've created new industries, and have provided may others with "toys" they would'nt have if not for you.
But enough of my philosophizing; if you condemn even socialism, what exactly do you support?! Living under the trees, and collecting bugs and grubs to survive? Well, that's only possible in the rain forest, and there isn't enough room for all seven billion of us there, so some of us are just going to have to earn a living. And, yes, I'm afraid that means defying the fundamental equality of all people.


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