No More Stolen Lives- The Po'Lice Shooting of a 19 year old over a MUNI bus transfer

Tiny - Posted on 18 July 2011

Edited/Produced by Muteado Silencio for PNN-TV

Press conference was held on Monday, July 18th @ 3rd & Palou- the scene of the shooting, organized by The Idriss Stelly Foundation, Education Not Incarceration, The Bay View Newspaper and POOR Magazine/Prensa POBRe

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Cops on Steroids
Forget ballplayers. More than ever, police officers are
juicing up to get an edge on perps, but at what price?
Men's Health magazine investigates.
It's the "other" doping scandal,
and Mens Health Magazine is breaking it wide open.


Know the Signs of Steroid Use: Men's
Spot the Juicer
How to tell if a guy is natural or artificially enhanced
By: Lou Schuler, Illustrations by: Susan Gilbert
Mens Health Magazine


"CBS News Documentary: Police Brutality & Steroid Abuse
CBS news video is posted at:​atch/?id=3379907n
Ashort CBS News video that Harrison Pope (Click 4 His Home Page)
from Harvard University was interviewed in, titled:
Police Steroid Abuse On Rise - CBS Early Show News video link
Jeff Glor reports on Steroid Abuse and Police Brutality Oct 26, 2007
A short documentary on the recent wave of police brutality and steroid
abuse, now posted at a CBS web page


The real problem appears to be the
"unaccountable by contract" regardless of
people being shot, tasered, beaten or pepper sprayed.
For example, 99% of the "reported" police abuse
in Chicago has gone unpunished.
In reference:

Study: Police abuse goes unpunished
by Ryan Gallagher
April 04, 2007 Medill Reports is written and produced
by graduate journalism students at Northwestern University
The article is posted at:>

Drug, alcohol and steroid testing of law enforcement
every time they discharge a firearm.
(written with some strategy in mind)

Drug, alcohol and steroid testing of law enforcement
every time they discharge a firearm.



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