On Fix Income

Leroy - Posted on 11 July 2011

Paper trail

Diploma, BA, 1040EZ

Led to SSI that is real

Might be broke at the end of the month

But busy like a bee

Don’t need a time card to punch

Traveled the world

Met my girl

Dollar is not what I need

Got my section eight condo

Dancing with Uncle Sam twisted feet in the Tango

On fix income gives me freedom

Got to do what I got to do

Creative paperwork

Doctor's note & proof of income

This is work

Crossing my t’s & dotting my i’s

Reading what’s between the lines

No, Jerry Lewis didn’t heal me

So why do I have to convince u annually

I still have a disability

Kripple US President

Gave me what Congress now trying to take back

FDR hide his disability and aired his racism

Living with contradictions

American dream

Killing MLK’s dream

Sleeping in the middle of the day

Capitalism is not my hands of time

Greek culture rocking me in a siesta

The state gives & takes it away

Political winds blows each & every way

We know what is right & what should stay

Don’t need political winds in my ear

The Deaf can hear the truth

Putting it on the mic in the studio booth

All of this & more on fix income

Paying landlord for a home

Elders & youth in a nursing home

Now I’m alone

At&t cut off my phone

Doctor’s note in my pocket cause I always need proof

On fix income

But my life is not fix

Property manager won’t fix shit

First of the month

Rent but my nephews are always sick

Mildew, windows closed but feels open

Ring ring ring

Bill collectors doing their thing

I continue to do mine

Days blend together

Out weathering the storm

On the man’s plantation picking cotton & corn

Budget cuts

Peeps jumping out of windows

Streets flooding with blood

Up and down San Francisco’s hills

Poor people know how to survive on little

While the rich popping pills

Rip up paper

Broken promises

Now student loans in default but isn’t my fault

Day after graduation they came knocking

While states can’t balance their own budget

Uncle Sam’s hands in my pocket

Move over yeah right there

Now jerk me off god damnit

Nothing but balls so play pocket pool you fool

Won’t never have

A two-car garage

White picket fence & a mortgage

My people were already property

You can fool me once I already took out a loan

So I don’t have the urge to own

Direct deposit

Everything under the table

Black man can’t ever get comfortable

Cointelpro 24/7

Cameras in certain communities

Reality TV shows without commercials

In the middle of the month eating mac & cheese another day

Easter hunt for spare change for bus fare

Boss doc my pay cause public transportation was late

Fuck it I’ll stay home

Collect a monthly check

No more playing tug of war

I know what I get

And when it comes

Living on fix income

By Leroy Moore


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