Highland Hostile Hospital

Muteado - Posted on 20 June 2011

Muteado Silencio


Highland Hostile Hospital

Wounded soldiers arrive, limping, some carried by arms, wheelchairs, or cars,  wounded by the battles that the streets of Oakland make us fight, from mental illness, scars, and drive bys.

We get information sitting side by side at the Emergency waiting room,

waiting to be treated from our wounds.

11 am/ Emergency Waiting Room Highland Hospital/ Oakland CA.

"I been here for four hours, all i want is to see a doctor, i seen people wait for 30 minutes been treated and gone"

A young man in his early twenties sits and waits.  He tells the receptionist he needs to be seen, only to be told to sit and calm down or security will be called. He seemed to be having a emotional breakdown and needed to talk to someone. He sat and waited.

We waited in the emergency waiting room for an hour and a half with my relative waiting to be called to be treated.

We witnessed people there for 30 minutes and would have been called sooner; my guess is that they had some kind of insurance.  I also heard how some of the women there were waiting for hours waiting for a translator to help them fill the paperwork, and when i offer to help, the the nurse said i had to be a relative to fill out the paper work.

12:30 pm We listen to the bad pronunciation of our last name been call

A really nice nurse introduced herself and begins walking us to the room where the doctor would check my relative's well being, " Wait in this room, the Doctor will be here shortly"

An hour Later...

1:30 pm Doctor Arrives

The Doc checks on my relative, decides to get X-rays to have a better look and understanding of what's happened?

The Doc calls the X-rays department to get someone with a portable X ray machine to my relative room Pronto.

2:30 pm the nurse with the X-rays arrives

The nurse takes 2 x-rays but before that, asks me to step out the room for my own safety.

3:30 the Doc comes back

The Doc comes back with the X-rays and said the bones seen to be fine," we think is your ligaments or muscle, we going to send you to a specialist, unfortunately they are really backed up, so it will take about 2 to 3 months.   We're going to give you pain medicine."

Doc:" The nurse will be in here to write the prescription, and make your appointment shortly"

Secret Code=  shortly means an Hour

4:30 pm the nurse shows up

Nurse shows up with the prescription, and the appointment and wishes us a good weekend.

As we are walking out back to the battlefields in Oakland…. i notice more wounded soldiers  waiting in the emergency room, twice as much.

We the wounded soldiers ,who had never fought a fight, but have many battle stories to share about HELLCARE and the lack of.

Cut the resources for the Black the Brown and the Poor…Promise Universal Healthcare, give them Tylenol or Vicks…to make them go away…

Mission Accomplished?

People of color and poor people, we are the ones who suffer the most in this unjust HELLCARE system, where we get denied real treatment, and after that, sometimes we have to deal with Doctors that think just because English is our second language we can't tell our mouth from our Ass.


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