An open letter to Mayor Quan of Oakland, California

Tiny - Posted on 20 June 2011

Noh I.D.entity, for POOR Magazine

The Honorable Jean Quan

Mayor of Oakland, California


Dear Honorable Mayor Quan:


At first I was so proud

Finally a Yellow voice speaking outloud


So what happened dear sister

To your words as resister?


Are you to be just another PEople’s choice

Only to be betrayed, this time by a Yellow voice


Same ol’ cuts to the poor

Same ol’ words as before

While propertied peeps

Still feel no needs


Nah... uh-uh... da-me-yo!

We won’t take no mo’...


As we rise

What will be your disguise?


Will your governance be one of distinction

Or just fade into extinction?


Will you speak up for us

Or make us get off the bus?


Budget cut the poLICE

Would be real nice.


Respectfully yours,

Noh I.D.entity


Noh I.D.entity is a wannabe correspondent/blogger for PNN, a sometimes artist/poet with Po’ Poets Project, and a yellow/disability/elder skolar on leave-of-absence from PEopleSkool.

At first I thought I'd puke
Oakland run by a gook;
So what happened dear leader
I'm polishing my heater;

Yellow skin, yellow voice,
People Magazine's choice

But as it turned out,
We might as well have chosen a Kraut,
For all the difference it makes;
Let us put on the brakes

It may not be PC,
But, hereon in, it's the GOP for me.

At first I was so proud
Finally a Yellow voice speaking outloud

Well, maybe now you racist liberals have learned that politicians are all the same. Black, White, Yellow, Red, etc. But it won't be until you accept the fact that Republicans and Democrats are the same -- including your sacred Obama -- that you'll take the first step to true political independence.

...Would be real nice.
Yeah, until you need them. Seriously, have you gone your whole life without calling the police? Would you really feel better if they weren't there?

Thank You...


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