Ode to an early morning cup of coffee

Lola Bean - Posted on 15 June 2011

Aaron Crosetto - PNN Washington Correspondent

I await with hope your
scent of smoky complexity
a bellows for my lungs
unbeknownst jet engine power
you reached out
from poorest African jungle
heated by campfire
to give me extra orchestra-                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ted breath
which I would never have

You are a dawn tongue twister
a bitter New York Times
Plethora of sensual punches,
dancing Ali style
curing cancer (say some) and
sluggish confusion.
A marionette for arms, legs
and cranium
just like the magic pills
for Underdog
Resuscitated vitals to bio-
rhythmic hullspeed.
Grace and angst
meet my lips a second, third, fourth, fifth.
Not addicted, ha! affording
my simple ritual.

a poem richer and more resonant than the coffee it bequeaths verse to.  Well done.


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