Kounterclockwise explains their new video, OPEN

Leroy - Posted on 03 June 2011

Leroy Moore Jr.

Kaya Carine Gabriel explains: We wanted to represent and inspire people with disabilities in some way. While we were brainstorming ideas for the video, we came up with the idea to have several people who use wheelchairs join us. We reached out to the Dancing Wheels School and to several friends we knew in similar situations and asked them to join us for a day of fun to shoot the video. It turned out to be such an amazing day. We all got together to share in the creativity and we were blown away by how amazing the dancers were. We definitely plan to do more projects like this in the future.

Deacon Burns: (Answered my question: can you add your feeling of seeing people in music videos playing like they are in wheelchair users?)"It disgusts me! People that can walk acting like it's cool to be in a wheelchair are not cute to me. It reminds me of the rich kids in the suburbs that think it's cool to live in the ghetto, when everybody in the ghetto is trying to get out of it."


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