Two Cities, Life Renewal

telljoe - Posted on 31 May 2011

Hello People's its Joe, between looking at (for me) Manhattan Beach past to present forums on the real Life Extension  to eventual Emotalism if not total Immortality. Hey, I'll take Medical Immortality (that's biological freedom from aging and disease with death still in the mix.

While total Immortality is being invulnerable-deathless. Let me explain to be invulnerable is to be shot, stabbed, poisoned, any so called mortal wound to heart, head, lungs, will take out any of us but Mr./Ms. Invulnerable would regenerate, rejuvenate, and all wounds healed with no scars.

Think of yourself with Woverine, Captain Jack, Harkness, Mr. Immortal, Vandel Savage, Captain Scarlet, and Doctor Who's regeneration which changes his appearance but his mind stays the same (mostly).

You've be both immortal, indestructible, and look different and if you got blown up possibly some of the pieces if enough of them (flesh) survived the initial blast could hypothetically remake the organism where there could be more than one person and each on not a clone but the original organism created by one person's inconceivable powers of mutant survival.

What has this to do about two cities? Only that I've lived in San Francisco over 14 years and recently went to Ignacio Colorado. After three visits decided the smaller town is more to my liking. I'm originally from New York, moved to California, Graduated High School, took a few courses in Community College, worked, and did constructing, C.N.A. Certified Nurses Aide.

Stopped working and couldn't get back and work the way I wanted. Anyway I was thinking about the first Manhattan Project racing to build and Atomic Bomb. Now another race but this one is a battle for humanity called Manhattan Beach. I just want to be around when life prolonging medicines, protocols, nano molecular devices cybor-organics for improving, lengthening our lives more and more. Until we as a species become truly deathless.

I guess I need to live in a smaller place to live at a slower pace and enjoy my time.

My blog is all over the place but the thing is I like the small town, communal, and have found a semblance of peace and if I can figure our how best to translate my own oddball way of leaving the planet better than when finally shuffling off to that unknown country. Of course if I make a contribution the world acknowledges then maybe I'll be back.

I'd return and stay in the other equally unknown country where eternal life is a factual reality.

Giving myself a pep talk is all.
I'm not speaking in the wilderness
or spitting in the wind.
Many individuals are thinking hard
on this level its no joke.
Indeed it Life Extension to E/I
is now in the realm of possibility.
It is only up to the human species
to gather our global will to do it.



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