Redbeardedguy - Posted on 31 May 2011

Thornton Kimes


San Francisco Chronicle columnist C.W. Nevius won the San Francisco Weekly's "BEST OF SAN FRANCISCO" issue.  That amazes me.  It makes me scratch my head more than I already do.

Nevius is notorious ("neviustorius"?) for being a professional hater of houseless and other poor people.  He hates non-profits that help them, even non-profits POOR Magazine includes in the Non-Profit Industrial Complex, Poverty Pimpologists preying on the poor more than actually helping them.  He really hates how many of them operate in the Tenderloin neighborhood.

I'm not sure if Nevius won because there weren't many votes for anyone else, or if too many San Franciscans don't know enough journalistic folks.  I mean, we've got El Tecolote, the S.F. Bay Guardian, the S.F. Bayview, the San Francisco Bay Times, the San Francisco Bay Area Reporter, POOR Magazine, the Street Sheet and however many other news reporting entities there are on the wwweb.  Are they all undercooked liver and onions?

I'd ask for a recount, or a re-vote, but there aren't any hanging chads to get anyone's goat overcooked and, well, there have been other BEST OF SAN FRANCISCO and (S.F. BAY GUARDIAN) BEST OF THE BAY reader votes that have blown my tiny little mind out of my ears for less good reason than this one.

C.W. Nevius?  Seriously?  You like a guy with all the depth of Amerikkkan Idol?  Ewwwww.

Really? The most liberal city in America? (Excuse me, "Amerikkka.") Wow, you Libs are in bigger trouble than I thought! LOLOLOLOL....


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