The Emortal/Immortal Choice or Conflict.

telljoe - Posted on 24 May 2011

I've read most of Author Brian Stableford's Emortality I'd like the bio of Mortimer Gray.(Fountains of Youth) Imagine being born in a world with applied nanotechnology, almost living clothing and molecular machinery in you after complicated bio-trenched process that creates a new species evolutionarily different from parents. The parents though long lived to 2 to 300+ years.

They know they are the last mortals raising the first true emortals while they are the last mortals to die. No wonder cryobiology seems a safe though end-of-life-chance-to-return-option.

I wish we would get on with our self directed life extension. The thing is there is a conflict between Emortality with is medical immortality: Aging and disease no problem yet able to be killed for we're still mortal. While Immortality is like deathless, ageless, and near indestructible.

Emortal will probably be first before full on immortality. I don't mind being one of many blessed to have made it emortals better if I survived to partake of the process or lucky to have died, be quickly, efficiently frozen and given new body with genetic improvements while clinically but not entirely dead to the last molecular slowed down cells.

Waking up, cold, freezing, with long sleep induced knowledge so to better speed my way into a new life. I don't know if I'd survive the psychological trauma as many centuries passed but it would be one of humanities ultimate challenges to live again.

All the deaths of youth, elders, soldiers, mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, relatives, and loved ones would be worth it if finally our society grew up, matured, evolved, and became the paragon species we are meant to be. It has to be a global effort, non political, free of all the negative isms. I'm only one mind but there are more like me we're just isolated in our own small islands of thought. We must come together or we'll never be the paragon species that left the planet to travel spaceways, galaxies, universes, and cosmic friends from parallel multi-verces. We either do this or stay on mother sucking dry dying because we're afraid to keep exploring worlds beyond our own. Our Best Destiny is not of this earth buy beyond.

I'm only one small voice, one brain, and frail mortal body but all as a species are much more and can do literally anything our minds can imagine.




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