Venture and Stand

Lola Bean - Posted on 15 May 2011

Aaron Crosetto - PNN Washington Correspondent

Urban myths hold secrets only revealed
by hidden cameras mandated by the state
while also underneath lies a vast underground so cruel

Our families can try to remain hidden in body armor
or venture forth with no weapon but trust,
a mission possibly ruinous
hiding in oceans swirling in hate propelled by
imagined flippers until we disappear
or to stay behind in smoking ruins, blacking out

There is no chance without maps, our only weakness denial

As for survivors we fathom these waves chancing on treasures
or a fetid corpse

There is little nourishment but hard tack left by others
who have drowned

Their fouled compasses left revealing lost chances,
in communal ruin.

Will you venture forth to stand your ground?

good job


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