For Mama Solteras (Single Mamas) in poverty and my Mama Dee...

Tiny - Posted on 08 May 2011

Thank-u mama(s)
fo feeding me healthy to run fast and always see clear

without any money near


for dreaming always of mo betta even tho

u were filled wit so much sorrow


for living through evictions and endless poverty

and never giving up the dedication

to something u saw in me


fo saving me from pedophile glances

and teaching me all your ritmo and carrying my soul  through so many dances


for loving me no matter what

and yet never letting me give up

for living alone cuz u were always scared

as the daughter of another mama who barely dared to speak

up when u were being abused - used -like she wanted you to lose

"she wanted me to die , lisa, you used to say

and you were right -


my confused and abused grandmother was filled with shame at her mixed race daughter born out of wedlock

hoped she wouldnt make it- but she did and so did i


dear mama- tupac was right - dont know how u did what u did

and again here i am

with a boy who hasn't suffered like u or me had - but he has your deep and full heart and so much love


tears of the deepest river flow down my cheek as i try to hold your sorrow

it is sometimes way too deep

but every mama's day from turtle island, Borik'n to Mexico


I call out your name at the altar-into the sky - at the moon-and into yemoja's waves


te amo mama- i love u mama and i always will and i dream that u are finally feeling better on your spirit ride

than you ever did in  this loca vida/crazy lyfe


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