Ocama…. Ocama – Ocama.. Pachamama (Listen, Listen, Listen Mother Earth)

Tiny - Posted on 07 May 2011


Ocama…. Ocama – Ocama.. Pachamama


For all Taino of Borike'n, Haiti, Dominican Republic and Beyond


Ocama… mama


Ripped of skin

Blood and kin


Spirits and medicine

Called a sin

By kkkolonizers with guns and poison


Land and elders destroyed

Then told that we had met our end


Filled with love for Creator

And Pachamama

Innocent to kkkolonizers tricks and drama


Hands, Songs and spirits

Stolen and cut

Removed, displaced and shut


Our medicine is love

Which is why we could be shoved and kicked and

Hated and then missed


Until our ancestors moved through us – their descendents

To Resist the Anthro-pologists Wrong-ness

The philanthro-pimped funded theft of gangsters

With papers defining them as legitimate


Putting our stolen art and souls in ornate prisons named

After alien beings like

De Young and Carnegie


It is time Taino to take the herstory back

Wayyy back

So we can deconstruct the un-justice

And reconstruct our liberation based in



Ocama mama….



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