Justice for Trans-Gender Peoples & All Peoples en la mision

Tiny - Posted on 19 April 2011

Edited/Produced by Muteado Silencio for PNN-TV

Tlazocamati, muchas gracias! thank you for the work you do, for allowing me to be a part of it. It makes me feel useful!
prayers for the recovery of our aunthentic humanity, the clearing of our skyes, our bodies of water, our beautiful PachaMama!

My heart goes out to Poor Magazine and Tiny, and the amazing group of people who support us!!
We love you guys so much and appreciate you so much for the wonderful work you all do in our coomunities,,,
Alexandra Byerly

Thank you for the powerful coverage of people in the Mission coming together to stop hate crimes and violence, particularly around a trans woman who was attacked last week.


P.S. It was good seeing you tonite Tiny and Tiburcio!!!

I'm sorry I missed your dialogue with Adachi. I know you held him accountable and vice versa? Take care.


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