Po Wars- The Empire Strikes Black

Tiny - Posted on 11 April 2011

Brother Y/PNN

The Empire strikes black and all other poor and at risk people

Monday, February 15, 2010


Bass in your face on an 8 track givin’it good to the wood’s so the people can give me some reaction to the fact’s that I kick, givin’ it up so turn me loose then again I got a story that’s harder than the hard cost, cost of the haulacaust I’m talkin’ ‘bout the one still goin’ on… beware of the hand when it’s comin from the left I ain’t trippin’ just watch your step can’t Truss it! --Chuck D. Public Enemy


Often times we as poor people get so bogged down by poverty itself and defending ourselves from other poor folks , priveleged people the system itself and or a combination of 2 or all three that we don’t take the time to try to get even a little enjoyment out of life.

Two ways that I have found to personally deal with my own struggles with poverty and the baggage that is associated with it are #1 getting out and involving myself with social events in my community which includes entertainment i.e. movies ,concerts, and other such events which I shall further revue and discuss in the future. #2 developing a dark since of humor . The following article will be presentend not only as actual events in my personal and current struggle but also as a political satire using the Star Wars trilogy as a model. I Brother Y! shall take on the persona of O.G.Won Cannabis B! The current manager of the Allstar shall be refered to as Java the Butt and the S.F.P.D. as The Storm troopers.

Not very long ago [in fact in the present] in a community near you [if you’re ,poor , disabled or otherwise at risk,it is in your community]

It is a period of war against the poor[ so called quality of life violations, laws that were created intentionally to have a negative impact on the poor and other extremely desperate individuals] and budget cuts, rebel freedom fighters striking from hidden bases in the real world and in cyber space have won their first big victory against the evil California State Government led by the evil dictator Grand Moff Governater Schwarzenhater, with the use of the Jett-I mind trick the rebels have managed to get the other evil empire[The Federal Government of the United Snakes of Amerikkka] to force the hand of the California prison system to release thousands of inmates convicted of non-violent offenses from the California Penal System during the battle rebel infiltrators manage to steal secret plans for the Allstar a.k.a. “The DeathStar” a dilapidated pest infested,miswired, blown out plumbing Single Room Occupancy hotel known as an s.r.o. or welfare hotel

Run be the evil overlord and poverty pimp Darth Hater Sha[his real name is a four letter word but 4 letters is way more than he deserves] with enough bueacracy to run the poor out of town

Faze of the evil Mayor Darth Douche Bag Newsom’s plans “to end homelessness as we know it” a.k.a. “the final solution” ,[sometime in the latter part of 2009 Newsom imposed a a “soft drink” tax yet another way of attempting to balance the budget on the back’s of the poor, being that poor people drink more soft drinks than anyother class of people, ironically now some brands of imported beer are less exspensive to purchase than domestic soft drinks. Even more ironic soft drinks both diet and the sugary kind can literally save the lives of diabetic’s and other’s with blood sugar diseases or disorder’s ,and again their are more poor people who fall in these categories than any other socio-economic group.

Burdened with the perils of single parenthood, a low budget that’s closer to no budget most of the time and tons of baggage from being poor and raised “homeless” in Amerikkka, Lisa a.k.a. “Tiny” co -founder and director of POOR Magazine races on her bicecleta, custodian of the stolen plans that can restore freedom to all the playaz in the state…

Once again it’s on at the AllStar a.k.a. “The DeathStar

Once again it’s on at the AllStar a.k.a. “The DeathStar” management is up to their old tricks or need I say never stopped.In the past few months they have posted flyer’s all over the hotel “ informing “ tenants of the following


Beginning Immediately we are asking you to please

STOP bringing (LARGE)

household size refrigerators into your units.

We are trying to cut back our energy bill.

If you bring a household size refrigerator into

the building you will be asked

immediately to take the equipment off of the premises.

If you do not take the refrigerator off the premises

it will lead to disciplinary action.

Small personal refrigerators are still permitted.

Java the Butt inter-galactic prankster ,to bad none of his jokes or pranks are funny alleged called former gang member [yeah, right!] continues his harassment of O.G. Won Cannabis B!

In his first attack against O.G. The Butt attacks him with a written lease violation for allegedly using to much toilet paper and not flushing the toilet.

After the Butt see’s that O.G. is a fighter and not a bitch like him this “lease violation” miracoulously disappears

Over the course of the following months the Butt sends more lease violations for allegedly baking marijuana brownies. Although the people of California passed proposition 215 thirteen years prior and to some degree took power away from the state to enforce federal laws against marijuana some storm troopers and other haters persist such is the case with the Butt.

Eventually the Butt begins to call in Stormtroopers regarding the brownies.

On the first occaision O.G. incorporates the Jett-I mind trick and the stormtrooper tells management not to call back. Because the Butt is an extreme hater the lease violations regarding brownies continue, but to no avail because O.g. is a true soldier! Again the StormTroopers are summoned and once again the Jett-I mind trick is applied this time the stormTroopers say they don’t smell marijuana completely knocking the wind out of the sails of the Butt , but because he has no work ethic other than trying to get others to do his work and is obviously a slow learner, he continues to harass in every possible way his little pea brain will allow! The Butt’s Lackey’s and ass kissers [droids] continue to harass and attempt to cause discomfort to O.G.

Who shall be the Luke SkyWalker character in this topsy- turvy almost surreal but to true to be fiction where names were changed To protect the not so innocent? Stay tuned o true believers!

Recently while attempting to converse with the maintainence man he became decidedly beligerent when I attempted to talk with him regarding the hotel, however I must say in his defense that not only is he the best maintainence man that we have had since I moved in close to five years ago, but if all T.H.C. employee’s worked as hard as him I would have very few complaint’s personalitie’s not withstanding! However knowing what I do know about him I think a lot of it is him taking pride in his work and almost literally having nothing to work with but still being espected to perform within the time frame given, regardless the truth must be told not only for my own peace of mind but for the sake of justice. The janitor of the death-star works hard but needs additional help. It is entirely to large of a space to honestly espect one person to cover in a forty hour work week. Occasionally when enough of the tenants complain long enough a janitor is added for a few hour’s over the weekend.

And then when no one is looking without any explanation they stop showing up.What is needed is one full time janitor, And one part time janitor to work who would work a minimum of four, four hour shifts. Sometime in the latter part of 2009 ,all Tenderloin housing clinic employee’s who handle trash were instructed to periodically empty

Small amounts of garbage from all receptacles into one main trash bag, in order to save money.This is an obvious bio-hazard that not only effects tenants it also effects employee’s and the comunity at large. Especially in an age that it appears a new or ever evolving pathogen seems to be introduced into the eco system at least once a year.

Towards the end of last year grand moff douchebag Newsom created a special “tax” for soft drinks . This is not only unfair to poor people who drink more soft drinks than anyone, but also to folks with diabetes and other blood sugar disorders for diabetics a sugary soft drink can save their life and the same goes for a diet drink[ if anything he should be giving them coupons to farmers market!] for a guy who claims to be so sensetive to gay marriage he sure seems to be insensetive to poor peoples right to survive many of whom are gay! He sure seems to want the rest of us to suck it up and take it in the hip, as it were! Now he and Chief Gascon want to make it illegal to sit or lie on the sidewalk. Isn’t that the way Hitler got started!

Po' Wars- The Po'lice

The saga continues, The onslaught continues as the evil emperoer Newsom sends armed and un armed stormtroopers to attack the defenseless poor in a plot to evil to be fiction the sight of the latest atrocities is literally right under our nose’s at Po’ H.Q.

The corner of 16th and Mission was swarming with police and Muni meter maids.At least 4 uniformed SFPD officers were present along with an equal number of meter maids.

Why is there never this much show of force in the rich white neighborhoods where just as many if not more sneak on the back of the bus who can actually afford the ridiculously high fare of $2.

This is an impoverished neighborhood of working poor folks struggling with feeding their children,keeping them in school and many seeking employment.There certainly was’nt this much show of force the night my head was split open in front of the building that houses the humble office of POOR magazine. In fact the Sargeant who showed up on the scene first wanted to put the blame on me.I guess being black, a local and having dreads is indicative of a crime!

Say’s RAM, staff writer at POOR Magazine “I was almost arrested,for shouting, How come you don’t do this in rich neighborhoods? You only do it in the ghetto and the barrio!”

This is just another example of the evil empereor Newsom attempting to close his budget shortfalls with double jeopardy and double standards. Muni just recently raised the fare and intends to do so again with cuts in services in the neighborhoods that struggle the hardest financially. Enough is enough it is time to hold the alleged leaders accountable for their evil deeds!

...Amkerikka is evil. Now where, exactly, do you intend to move?


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