Who Else But US?

Lola Bean - Posted on 29 March 2011

Kat Condeff - PNN Washington Correspondent

Hey! Misaligned nation in a candy-coated thumbscrew
Who's gonna bring the REAL news to you?
Sometimes homeless humans, finding lucrative jobs
Significant employment, the system otherwise robs
Inspecting the issues, taking a stand
Providing needed insight, impact by demand
Making a difference, one paper at a time
For the reader AND the seller--just spare a dollar (not a dime)

those words you make are magic keep inspiring the future writers and saving lives with your story.

Please give folks in need the type of cash they need; a dollar not a dime. Yes Mrs lady i understand that very well; thank you.

You're welcome. However,that part of the poem is a reference to the age-old expression: brother (sister), can you spare a dime? So what I'm saying here, is give somebody a dollar for a news-filled newspaper, not just a hand out to a "spanger." Maybe read it again, and see if you catch my drift on that one. Peace. ---kat.


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