Monday -The Death of A Block Grief Rally - Killed by a Corporate Hospital (Proposal)

Tiny - Posted on 26 March 2011

Mon, 03/28/2011 - 12:00pm - 1:00pm



The Death of a Block-killed by a Corporate Hospital (proposed)  Grief Rally and Press Conference

California Pacific Medical Center an affiliate of the Sutter Health Network shuts down a neighborhood, evicts elder and disabled tenants, closes family owned small businesses and forces the unemployment of immigrant poor workers 

What: Grief Rally & Press Conference

When: Monday, March 28th  @ 12:00 noon

Where: @ In front of 1122 Van Ness @ Geary


“This is my favorite café, this place has been here for years, why are they being closed,?” said Ronald Wilson, customer of the Van Ness Bakery & Café in San Francisco. Residents and customers alike mourn the loss of their favorite non-corporate café, pushed out so an entire neighborhood can be shuttered by California Pacific Medical Center, an affiliate of the Sutter Health Network.


CPMC is shuttering this thriving and healthy neighborhood to make the case for their “redevelopment” efforts which include the building of a corporate hospital. Meanwhile, elder and disabled tenants in poverty are displaced, several small, family owned businesses are closed and several immigrant workers join the ranks of the unemployed forces.

This kind of intentional blighting by corporations is a standard practice of capitalist gentrification efforts. POOR Magazine is holding this grief rally and press conference to mark this In-justice to poor and working class communities of color.


POOR Magazine/PoorNewsNetwork, a poor people-led/indigenous people-led media, art and education non-profit organization rooted in many poor communities of color  across the Bay Area is hosting this press conference and rally.




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