KPWR People Will Radio: For the People By the People, A conversation with Radio Rasquacho

mari - Posted on 15 March 2011

Mari & Rachel

Today I dropped by the KPWR studios,  in a little room in a series of  warehouses sits the KPWR People WIll Radio Studios. KPWR is an urban community web based radio project based out of East Austin what my long time compa El Capitan calls  "occupied East Austin".  

It was great walking into the studio hip hop playing in the back seeing my friend El Capitan on the turn tables and on the mic. His show Radio Rasquacho has been on the air for over 6 years and serves as a space for community building, music, live performance, poetry, and political expression. Its been a long time hangout space and spot for companeros over the years every wednesday night.

KPWR is a non hierarchical all volunteer collective, member driven, created, and funded. Through hard work by its collective determination and collective organizing KPWR radio still exists! The radio project has existed without private donors or any type of funding making it community led and owned and operated. Not so many years ago I grabbed the mic and had a radio show...

KPWR exists to make radio/media accessible and Free, non corporate and truly  independent. It was inspiring  to see that  El Capitan as an artist, DJ, musician, radio personality, media maker, and provacatuer is still on the air diseminating knowledge, rythms, and energy to the masses.

Que Viva Radio Rasquacho y People Will Radio......

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