Bunche House Afternoon: Semillas of Community

mari - Posted on 13 March 2011

Mari & Rachel

After spending the day with my sista Kellee Coleman, Austin native, organizer with Mamas of Color Rising, and supa mama to 3 fierce little ones, I arrived at my sister's house (called the Bunche House) and found a wonderful surprise. The house smelled delicios my sister was in the kitchen cooking, squash, black beans and rice and the house echoed with voices and laughter. Outside I saw the backyard had transformed in to a huge play space and there was a group of young people playing dominoes at the table with housemate Chelsea.

There were around 11 kids ages 4-13 years in backyard and in the house. Everyone knew each other. There was a feeling of mutual respect and family. It reminded me of when I was a kid growing up around all my tios and tias older cousins at my grandmothers house. I felt like a kid again (well we all are kids at heart!)

I had a great time and met new friends! I reflected and thought what a beautiful example of interdependence.

Housemate Courtney had this to share about all the neighborhood kids coming over and playing in the yard, "Even though we live in the house, the land belongs to everybody, they have just as much a right to use it."

Que hermosa la vida y familia!!


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