In Mourning and Prayer for all of our brothers and sisters, babies and elders in Japan and Across Pachamama

Tiny - Posted on 14 March 2011

With the deepest love and prayers for our families in Japan and all across Pachamama...


in the eye of Pachamama's anger,

Yemaja's turmoil,

Creator's warnings,

ancestors scolding,

and corporate media lies and ongoing poison -


our hearts and minds fall into dark places,

with no traces

of hope or joy or strength to keep holding up

our peoples with embraces


but then we go on cause that's all we can do

feeding our babies,

finding clothes without holes in them

building our roofs out of cardboard,

and pushing our shopping carts

collecting our cans,

fighting the man,

kissing their asses

while fighting their racism & classism

writing our poems, music, and protecting our wombs,

painting with brushes with indelible touches,

fighting with judges, po'lice and politricians

against endless injustice


we go on cuz that's all we can do -

including more tools in our chests

with words like prepared-ness

against tsunami, earthquakes and nuclear despair


Dream, and pray family, keep fighting, embrace, and remember to love -

becuz our conscious love is more important than ever

in the ever-darkening days




Thank you for your poem..."becuz our conscious love is more important than ever
in the ever - darkening days" ... right on sister! We need the glimmer of hope and love.


for staying up sabrina!!!!


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