Cycle of Love

Tiny - Posted on 14 March 2011

Continuous function is my love for you
Mathematical origins
Flowers grow to
Not to die
Seasons come and go
Yet I
Calculate the height
The growing flower
Which is love
Your soul is the seed
The soil your body
The sun is me
Seasons come and go but my love for yo!
Beauty, beauty meaning your soul
I carry with me every where I go
You my everything
This is my poem to you
Cause my feelings
Beyond control
And will echo in eternity,
The only thing that changes is
The setting
Same actors
Different backdrop
Top down in spring
Hardtop in the summer
It’s too hot in central Cali
When I’m roaming through the valley
Supplying health and educational services
For migrant kids, students
I’m a Gardner
I plant seeds of compassion and passion
For new hope
I represent
My only religion, which is
Compassion for all
Mark Gonzales taught me that I
Too roll deep
Cause with every footstep I take
Every word that I say
I bringing the strength
Of my people
Cause I’m an underdog
And I’m never giving up
The hopeless have hopeful ideas and hopefulness
No matter the odds
Ya’ll aint taking that from me
Cause even when my body dies
Through my poems and performances
Will re-rise like the phoenix
I was born to fade away
in the fall
To sprout again
Every spring
So when everything
Is going wrong
I just play back and recite this poem,
And let ya’ll know
Ya’ll ain’t ever getting rid of me
Cause I rise like the phoenix
And set like the sun,
In my heart, second to none.


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