Fandango Tejas: Armed Resistance

mari - Posted on 12 March 2011

Mari & Rachel

Walking the capitol lawn I hear strumming and drums a familiar rhythm in the distance. I followed the melody and came towards a circle of familiar faces.

Armed with Jaranas and Resisting on the green lawn of the Texas State Capitol was Fandango Tejas. A family of jaraneros and son jarocho musicians, poets, artists, and dancers armed in resistance with their art and culture.

Son Jarocho is a tradition from the coastal state of Veracruz, Mexico,  the melding of African, Spanish & Indigenous cultures during the process of colonization and the practice of slavery in the Americas.

The circle of music and rhythm at the capitol was powerful, a fire of political expression, a melding of lyric, and a warm authentic solidarity. Fandango Tejas was manifesting liberation. My companer@s were holding it down, occupying space, filling it with beauty, love, solidarity and community power.

A beautiful day to be rezisting and singing!

<<For more info you can check out Austin based group son armado or>>


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