Season Changes

mari - Posted on 13 March 2011

Mari & Rachel

When I started this journey, I asked my Pops to give me a blessing. I didn't call this journey the Indigenous Peoples Highway at the time but I knew I was about to enter a journey deeper into the rabbit hole. I was asking myself "How far in the rabbit hole do I want to go?" So this weekend was that for me...

I faced one of my belief systems head on... and cried because I knew that belief that I had wasn't authentic to whom I really am. 

This belief system affects the way I see myself as a woman, and how I believe elders, grandparents, and parents see me.

So I had to choose to love the me I was meant to be or be the fake person in the name of looking good and "respect". This sounds all really abstract, but the concept is clear being whom you were meant to be.

So this weekend during the round dance was reflection after reflection after reflection and definitly after. 

I thank the Creator for placing all these perfect reflections in my life so that I may destroy this belief that i choose to belief. 

OF course its not over, the work is only the beginning....

I leave you with a round dance video from the rounddance I was at... cya winter and welcome spring... brighter days to come!


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