Quantum Weirdness

telljoe - Posted on 10 March 2011

It has been a really long time since I've written anything.
YouTube has images of me and have been traveling a bit so everything is a little fluxy.

Ok no such word. But I'm back but will on the road again (sounds like a song) headed for Ignacio,Co.
for a bit for a sacred ceremony.

Now to explain Quantum Weirdness.This is true account as I see it.
Last week, after taking the lift to my floor, unlocking, re-lock- ing my door I casually throw my cell phone and charger on the bed.

Then go to the restroom. After that back in my room, locking my door. I look at my bed and didn't see the cell.

For hours I look all over and under. I lay upon my bed still wondering what happened. Then just to check my pants.
And here it is! WTF!I know I had taken out the cell phone and thrown it on the bed!

Discussed I threw the cell phone on the bed
and it lands exactly where it had been thrown before.

Then it dawns me... somehow I had done both! Thrown both objects on the same bed, in the same room,but there were two identical me's and both of us for a split second had visited each others
Identical messy rooms.

One from my coat pocket and one from my pants pocket. It makes an odd kind of sense if quantum theory works that way.
This to me is a bleed through dimensions.

Also I noticed that the analog radio stations are all
full of static which isn't usually the case.

But my main pet peeve is why couldn't my crappy room be replaced by a more luxurious neater one by a nattier person.

Great I experience a quantum weird situation with nearly the
exact same grubby little geeky guy identical to myself.

Oh well, maybe a better version of myself will find me someday
or think better and leave well enough alone.


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