La Mission/ The Mission

POOR correspondent - Posted on 10 March 2011

La Mission/ The Mission

La Mission es pa’ que nuestra gente que quede y no se aleje

The Mission is for our people to stay and don’t go away…

See cause the new conquistadores are here, developers,speaculeros,

hipsters with pockets full of greens, can you dig..

La Mission

Imposible seria no pelear o luchar por nuestros barrios, comunidades que poco a poco estan desapareciendo.


The Mission

Impossible is not to fight and struggle for our barrios, communities that little by little are disappearing.

A qui estamos y no nos Vamos

La Mission es mas que una calle o una Avenidad…

es un libro de historia y cada calle es una pagina que relata el pasado y el presente


The Mission is more than a street or an Avenue….

Is a book of history and each street is a page that narrates its pass and present

16th and Mission is our Gente plaza, I remember the beautiful weekends I have spent chopping it up with some elders  “ Oye hermano yo soy Cubano” as we bathe in the sun, a elder shouts out

As we break the law by sitting side by side

Sabrosa Cumbia playing in a old boomBox

While my eyes wonder as I contemplate la belleza de mi gente de color walking by, the beautifulness of folks of color...

The scent from three blocks away of hotdogs wrap with bacon…oh my god

I think am in heaven

No is just La Mission

Y sus perros calientes

La gente de diferentes paises, colores, pintando lo que llamamos La Mission

The people from different walks of life, colors, Flavors  paint what we call

The Mission

La Mission Sus calles, Maltratadas, mal cuidadas, como nuestras comunidades

The Mission your bruise streets, decay, poorly take care of, like our communities

A qui Estamos y no nos vamos

We are here to stay

See cause they are here the culture vultures, developers, real state agents, community haters, looking for the next community to flip, like an old house, clean the black and brown and poor, bring the condos and the white picket fences.

A qui Estamos y no nos vamos

We are here to stay

Like Sandra said we will be the last poor gente to get gentrified

y no nos dejaremos


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