Indigenous Peoples Highway!!!

mari - Posted on 28 February 2011

Mari & Rachel


It was late at night on the Southern Ute Indian Reservation, there were two girls who need to fall asleep and rest up for their road trip, but couldn’t stop giggling and laughing about the most random things. All of the sudden Rachel looked at Mari and said, “OMG! Indigenous Peoples Media Project should become Pow-wow Highway!”

Mari said what we going to talk about, “Cute grassdancers?, How about Indigenous Peoples Highway? We could document what is happening with indigenous peoples while we go on a road trip together, and the times we can’t be together we still stay connected and document.”

That’s how Indigenous Peoples Highway was born…

A taste about us...

Rachel is a kid at heart who loves to travel and meet new friends. She enjoys story telling, poetry, and playing in the park. She is a co-founding collective member of La Semilla Childcare Collective de Austin and studying to be a birth companion.

Mari is the Indigenous Peoples Media Project Coordinator at POOR Magazine. She loves to go to round dances, traditional 49sbeardances, and pow-wows. She enjoys talking with elders about issues that affect our world and laughing with rez kids. She also like to wear Rachel’s cowgirl boots when she allows her...

Everyday we will document this journey of Indigenous Peoples Highway and it will be filled with stuff about our everyday lives and the everyday lives of Indigenous Peoples.



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