To Close

Tiny - Posted on 24 February 2011

Monday, June 7, 2010;


To close a gap we pull together

hold it tight lash it glue it weld it

chain it nail it screw it kiss it


to close a deal we shake it sign it

pay it cash on the barrel take it

make sure you don't break it


to close a job we check it fix it

pack it sweep it detail it play it

invoice it then haul out and bless it


to close a heart we hit it slash it

stab it in the back till we lose trust

so openly given then we regret it


to close a wound we open it clean it

cover it tender bind it not too tight

hold it safe take good care of it


too close this love outside the comfort

zone we kicked it tried to forget it

but it keeps on coming no way to stop it


to close this gap we learn to love

to give up the power over another

to take power over fear and anger


to close this poem we say thank you

we pick up the pieces glue them together

parts get mixed as hearts heal to surrender


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