Group Home Living (poem)

Leroy - Posted on 16 January 2011

(Author's note: Yes KRS One used to live in a group home and in this song he mention it but he put himself there.  Its a different story when your parents put u there and you're Black, poor & disabled.)

Drive up

Like a drive thru

Car pack from door to door


It’s not college

It’s not Summer camp

No returning home


Fake presence

For your parents

Click clock door slam & lock


Welcome to group home living

Everything on a tight schedule

Some workers r repeated criminals


Paid below minimum wage

Straps & slaps to beat out clients’ rage

T.V. blasting all day


The smell of bleach & ammonia

Turns the walls yellow

Lungs full of flem


No he is not KRS One who once lived in a group home

Dreaming of being a rap star

If KRS one can do it then I ca ca ca


Time for your medicine

Determination gets foggy

Like the San Francisco’s sky


Traveling in packs

Can’t be alone for a minute

Second by second is recorded for your file


Evaluation day is here

Parents out of the blue appears

You  are in fear


Surrounded by adults

Who put you in here

Cards are stack nobody has your back


Years slip by

Passing down the tricks of the trade

No transitional stage


Kicked out because of your age

All those years and all of that money

One suitcase and no family


He is no Ted Williams

Story won’t be on youtube or radio

His hard times started at birth


Parents locked him up

Group home kicked him out

Police reported him for force treatment


No Hollywood ending

Got to put this in writing

Part 1 of group home living


By Leroy Moore



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