Hung, Shot & Assaulted

Leroy - Posted on 09 January 2011

(The above pics are Los Angeles County Sheriff’s investigates men sexually assulting disabled women)

Hate hate hate
It seems like every day
State to state

I was profiled in New York
Fredrick hung in Mississippi
Disabled women assaulted in LA

Hung, Shot & Assaulted
Protect & Serve
Black & Blue shot shot shot

Wheelchair user with a knife
He was a threat to public safety
As a Black man I never feel safe

Getting hot in December
Nothing new in a new year
Brothers & sisters

Hung, Shot & Assaulted
Life halted
Break out your cell phones

Get everything on video
Sell it to ABC, NBC, and CBS
Doesn’t spell justice for the victims

Budget cuts
Lead to hate
So we all bleed

Dig deep to the seed
Pull out the roots
Changing our attitudes

Things don’t change
Until it happens to you
But that is way too late

Politician was shot today
Rich & poor are getting hot
Time for radical change

Hung, Shot & Assaulted
Can’t see the bigger picture
When the media’s frame is crocked

Don’t need a band-aide
Beyond reform
We are all in this storm

Will we reach out for that hand?
After all of this still can’t understand
Why disabled people are still
Hung, Shot & Assaulted

By Leroy Moore Jr.

Note: according to US statistics a person with a disability is 4 to 10 times more likely to be a victim of a crime than a person without a disability. 60% of women with hearing impairments, 59% of women with visual impairments, 57% of women with learning disabilities, and 47% of women with mobility impairments will be physically abused in their lifetimes. 81% of people with psychiatric disabilities have been physically or sexually assaulted. Research consistently finds that people with substantial disabilities suffer from violent and other major crime at rates four to ten times higher than that of the general population. Estimates are that around 5 million disabled people are victims of serious crime annually in the United States. There is no figures of national rate of police brutality against people with disabilities but October 22nd Stolen Lives Project put out a book including people with disabilities.


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