Happy PeoplesMas

Tiny - Posted on 28 December 2010

Not sure what to feel


So lost in this maze of tradition

Consumer lies, pain & exploitation

Of the real


For so many years I can hardly stand it

Stood in free food lines, blanket giveaways, begging for housing crumbs, bread crumbs, and other scarcity Amerikkka lies with mama


Her desperation to be cared for, housed, safe and loved coulda killed most people

And did


And yet here I am

In this short time on earth

Feelin so sad

So scared for me, my son,

all my sistas and brothers without roofs, enuf food

Imperialist lies

and nothing good


Yet I know people have been built to honor this day

And there is something beautiful about the pure love of  Jesus’

On this fabricated-birthday

Spiritual inspiration, gift giving and family love


And so it is not for me to say

It means nothing and there is nothing to this day


It is only for me to question who is being loved and who is not

How can we care and share with all and never leave people

Shot, exploited –

Out in the cold & wet


Struggling with racist lies, border hate and imperialist thieves

always on the take

From Oakland to Palestine

From Haiti to the Haight


Someone’s deep rancor is always around to fuel disgust and deep

Wrong-headed hate


So please help me family

Dream of multi-colored holidaze with multi-lingual songs

And no kkkolonizer fake dates

Or capitalist inspired wrongs


No displacement or eviction – violence or

Poverty and race inspired convictions


With all gods honored and ancestors too

With all dreams realized

And all children loved too

With healthy meals for all

Our elders and our small

Humility for things u don’t understand

Ability to respect cultures that shouldn’t be

in anyone’s hands


Following Kwanza principals

And the purest love for pacha mama/the land


This is the PeoplesMass

Its Everyones Birthday filled with Love n justice –

And it has nothing to do with



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