No Thanks to The Man!

Tiny - Posted on 25 November 2010

No thanx to the man
on this day
a lie crafted by uncle sam

no thx to the myths of
supposed pilgrims gifts
no thx to the killin
caused by so many under the lie of thx giving

No - the thx i have
is the thx for the land,
for creator-
our ancestors,
our corazons
our love....

So i have a new list-
not defined by pilgrims myths
coming from our collective lips

the thx i have is for the spirit of uncle al, mama dee
tony's love, tiburcio's heart, marlon's mind, jewnbug's rhymes, bruce's words, muteado's eyes, thorntons' time, charles designs, joes climbs, corazon de ingrid, voce de teresa and all of our lives...

the beauty of of our unending work & struggle
as uncles. mamas, sons and bruddahs...

i give thx for the, care, silence, truth, pain, change, art , poetry, words, resistace and all with the deepest humility-

becuz without u all there would be no me...

This very piece by you just shows the entire universe just what a lovely human being and soul you truly are!

Love you, Tiny



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