The Wall Heater

PNNscholar1 - Posted on 25 November 2010

Revolutionary Worker Scholar

The Wall Heater

(For my father on Thanksgiving)

By Revolutionary Worker Scholar


i was in my bed

which was basically

a mattress that sat flat

on a hardwood floor



it was near a heater

that was mounted in

the wall covered in a layer

of dust


on the other side

of it was my father's

bed where he slept with

his wife


sometimes i could hear

them through the heater

in the middle of the night


one night as i was

dozing in the space between

sleep and the other part of

who i was i heard my

father cry out


I'm nothing!


then there was

mumbling followed

by silence


i fell asleep with

my belly empty yet filled

with my father's words


I'm nothing


I awoke and looked at

my 15 year old face in the

mirror and left for school


and i looked again

and i was 20, 25, 30,

35, 40...


and some nights

i woke in the middle

of the night and





Dad, i never

forgot you or that

wall heater


you both kept

me warm



(C) 2010 Revolutionary Worker Scholar


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