Redbeardedguy - Posted on 18 November 2010

Thornton Kimes


While looking for whatever, you find something else.  Drooling over books, 'zines, and free literature at Modern Times Books, among other bookstores at 20th and Valencia Streets in San Francisco, I came across ABU-JAMAL NEWSpaper and read an article by two German activists (Anton Reiner and Michael Schiffmann) who visited Death Row political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal at SCI Greene in Waynesburg, PA.

Among other things, what I took from the article is that Mumia got at least 100 birthday postcards in 2010, half of them from Germany.  Surely we can do better than that!  I would like to challenge artists and wannabe artists to create a birthday postcard for Mumia's April 24th, 2011 birthday.  Make between 11 and 51 cards and send one to POOR Magazine, 2940-16th Street; SF, CA 94103.  Give the rest to friends, and if they don't have postage give 'em that too!

Before the sentencing of Johannes Mehserle (for the murder of Oscar Grant) many POOR Magazine folks sent post cards to the judge.  There are other things going on all the time that generate post card mail-in campaigns.  I'm interested in those and want to hear about them,  Send information to


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