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Sunday, March 29, 2009;

"I'm scared, I don't know what else to do, or who to talk to!"

"Why me, what have I done? What do these people want from ME?!"

"Can somebody do something about this?!"

"All of this because I submitted a piece of paper, in telling the truth of what's been going on?!"

"When will it stop? My body is in so much unexplainable pain........ALL BECAUSE I SPOKE OUT!"

Before 2008 ended, I wrote a story called "Digital Apartheid" which presented a detailed summary of the impact that the D.T.V (Digital Television) transition would have on people particularly in poverty, seniors, and people with disabilities now that U.S Congress were forcing everyone to watch their television sets by the means of digital broadcast after purchasing a digital converter box. (Which is similar to a cable television box.)

I started off the story, stating that "Technology has arrived to a new age: The Age of D.T.V. I also stated in "Digital Apartheid" that "the digital divide and conquest is literally just around the corner."

Unfortunately, I have to start this particular story off by stating that technology has arrived to another age in an era of terror, through the voices of its victims: The Age of Technology Terror!

And this has apparently been happening for quite sometime, by person or persons, unknown.

The above outcries and pleas are from victims who've experienced multiple harassments/stalkers and unexplained physical technological trauma as a result. Shockingly, these problems are seemingly invisible to doctors, law enforcement officials and members of the public.

These victim's voices are seldom taken seriously due to the ignorance, disbelieving, scrutiny, and even ridicule resulting from such acts actually taking place, leading many governmental authorities and their counterparts to conclude that such mysterious acts are "absurd" or "preposterous."

(Much to the delight of those responsible, as denial, ignorance, and disinterest are their greatest covert cover from exposure.)

Through my own extensive research, credited to an anonymous source who wishes to raise universal awareness about this terrifying, untold issue in media by sharing her own ongoing experience, I've discovered that this technological terror is not a myth, a lie, a fairy tale, or a script from a modern day science fiction movie. It is very real............

And it is called Electronic Harassment via Organized Stalking!

Imagine the terrifying thought of your own body organs burning, the breaches of unseen rays to your human nervous system disrupted for no explained reason(s), leading to dirahea, chronic fatigue, and other mysterious life-threatening symptoms as a result for either speaking out against a certain injustice, making someone very angry, or just simply being yourself.

Even worse, just imagine experiencing such bizarre incidents, yet no one is willing to believe you and they immediately conclude that you're crazy. This falls alongside of the "Why are they targeting me?" and "Why no one will listen to me?" question............ bearing little or no answer.

Just think of people purposely playing their television or stereo a little too loud, constant phone calls just to annoy someone they despise, disrupting a person's human nervous system, preventing them from functioning properly. An old trick to attack someone in the jungle is drumbeating: an old fashioned tactic used to confuse and intimidate the enemy, to throw them off their concentration.

A woman by the name of Eleanor White, a retired engineer, presented a thirty-six page, six chapter booklet which provided a thorough, indepth, detailed and eloquent overview of the extremely bizarre occurences regarding victims of "electronic harassment" and "organized stalking" as well as her own conclusive investigations and findings.

Her booklet is called "Organized Stalking: A Target's View."

(Eleanor White, herself, has experienced bizarre incidents of these sophisticated occurrences, motivating her to investigate these covert tactics by her unknown attackers.)

"In 1980, I was living and working in Toronto, Ontario Canada, in my late 30s. I was contentedly single, and thought I had no enemies," said Miss White.

Or so she thought, unaware that she was targeted and stalked.

"Things started to just go wrong. My clothing seams started to give out very quickly, sometimes on nearly new items, and I tend to have less clothes but purchase high quality items for durability. Pockets in winter coats. Crotches and armpits. Often the crotches would develop a pattern of many small holes that looked like someone had been pushing a pencil through the cloth. Each time I picked up the clothing, the holes would get larger then merge into two large holes either side of the crotch center or seam. I wrote it off as 'poor quality goods these days.'"

She then began to encounter men unknown to her who glared at her with hostile intentions, and unfriendly neighbors who played extremely loud radio noises, and slammed their doors. "Oh well, must have a screw loose," Eleanor said to herself. Unknown men buzzed her apartment for long periods of time, and very loud, but Eleanor refused to allow them into her apartment.

These incidents kept on for two years until a recession hit in her town in 1982. To keep herself distracted from this weird situation, Eleanor took a fifteen month government-sponsored training program for computer programming and related skills. Needless to say, these incidents even followed her there.

Whenever she would use a computer lab, her computer never seemed to work properly, while her 30 fellow classmates didn't have the same problem.

Some of the computers were tied to a mainframe. At the end of each programming session, they all needed to print their work on a network printer to take home for "desk checking." Unlike her classmates, Eleanor's print jobs kept getting moved to the rear of the printing queue, meaning she had to wait from a half to a full hour longer than her classmates to leave.

It was crystal clear to Eleanor White that someone was hacking into her print jobs.

From 1980 and even after the year 2003 when she retired from her job as an engineer, the "organized stalkers" refused to show her any mercy, and continued. In 1996, Eleanor came in contact with other victims of "electronic harassment" and "organized stalking."

Such covert operations and tactics are strikingly similar to the ones performed by secret law enforcement operations, primarily ones directed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I) and its infamous counterintelligence program, COINTELPRO, which was highly known for its harassments, illegal operations, and terroristic tactics against many civil rights activists, particularly the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense in the 1960s.

Eleanor White further defines "organized stalking" as "surveillance and harassment of a designated target by stalkers who are members of groups, which are networked throughout the industrialized nations of the world." There are three primary elements to this term:

.Harassment by a large number of people, and not by a single obsessed stalker, nor by helpers recruited by that single stalker.

.Group members are given targets' names and/or have the target identified for them. They do not usually know the target beforehand.

.These groups are tightly networked, within state or province, and internationally.

"Once a group of stalkers starts 'working over' a target, deniability increases dramatically," Miss White explains. She further categorizes the tools that allow organized stalking to remain effective towards its targets, by means of electronic harassment:

.Electronic assault

.Directed energy weapons ("DEWs")

.Non-lethal weapons

.Mind control (the through-wall electronics can affect the mind)

.Voice to skull (U.S. Army designation "V2K")

According to Miss White, "the majority of targets are not high profile people, or people with very sensitive knowledge of government secrets or corporate misdeeds."She also categorizes the physical trauma endured by targeted victims, as a result of these actions, by means of "through wall electronic attacks."

.Bee sting sensations, particularly on the feet, particularly while trying to sleep.

.Arms and/or legs jerking wildly when trying to sleep.

.Extremely powerful, unquenchable, itching, no rash, no explanation from doctors.

.Sudden extremely fast and heavy heartbeat, when fully relaxed.

.Suddenly extreme high body heat, fully relaxed, not after exercise.

.Vibration of body parts and/or bed.

(Miss White's detailed explanations, statistics, and stories of targeted victims of these frightening incidents involving "organized stalking" and "electronic harassment" can be further viewed online at www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Eleanor%20White)

Shannon Herbert, a San Francisco resident, artist, and writer, who posted her story online is another victim of "organized stalking" and "electronic harassment." In her story, Miss Herbert says the stalking and harassment involves members of the San Francisco Police Department and even the San Francisco Fire Department. This stalking and harassment has been ongoing for eleven months.

She's reported that she has even been kidnapped, tortured, and falsely admitted at the San Francisco General Hospital for "psychiatric treatment." Her phone calls have been tapped, rerouted, and intercepted. Her mail has been tampered with, her friends and family have been threatend.

"I also have strong reason to believe there is a foreign object of some sort implanted in my body, causing me a great deal of pain. Fear of this constant assault, that primarily stems from my cranium, causes permanent and irreversible damage that consumes me. (I think some tools that have been implanted are similar to what is known as a clicker used in zoo animals for behavior shaping and submission.) I don't know exactly what instrument may have been used on me but the link below lends one possibility":


"I believe works written by me in my home and on my pcs have been made public and plagiarized, and that the primary reason for the covert harassment is to intimate and extort me. It is also my belief that many across this country are aware of my exploitation and the hate crimes that have be committed against me, Shannon Herbert of San Francisco, yet nothing has been done nor even acknowledged. For the last 9 months, I have been moving from one friend's house to another, after realizing my own house was no longer safe to live in."

Shannon Herbert has desperatedly sought out help. She's made complaints to the Office of Citizens Complaints, the Management Control Division of the S.F.P.D, other city agencies, and even to the F.B.I to hear her cries for help. To no avail, no action seemed to have been taken.

"I am not delusional nor am I a liar. I have been to the FBI (twice), Police Dept., I.A. (Internal Affairs) and the Office of Citizens Complaints, where I made a tape recorded statement. Almost every single hour of every day I feel an electric current in my skull, ranging from vibrations to jolts that jerk me out of sleep.

At times this torture is more than I can bear. I constantly wear a pot on my head when alone and when I'm with friends (who can't possibly understand) but it doesn't help."

Miss Herbert is appealing to anyone with the necessary resources to help her recover from this extremely difficult time.

"My main purpose for writing is for closure and justice. I hope to obtain an attorney who is familiar with such cases and can refer me to a specialist where I can receive care for I fear the medical institutions in San Francisco. The stalkers never had a problem finding me so hopefully the good guys won't either."

The latest victim (who wishes to remain anonymous for the absolute fear of her safety) has been physically and psychologically tortured, as a result of the similar mysterious occurrences of Shannon Herbert and Eleanor White.

The trauma, terror, and torment due to the covert "electronic harassment" and "organized stalking as she's experienced and tells it:

"I sent a Notice of Complaint to the Attorney General. (I do not know who the president of our board is, I have never met her). The day after we both received the letter, a bleach blonde women with bangs, walked as close as she could to me on 19th Street, while I was talking with a friend, and she glared at me as hard as she could. I have never seen this person, and I do not know who she is. The next day, coincidentally, something happened again. There was a very strange incident that took place where I live.

My husband saw two men, both with mustaches, one with gray hair (I recently saw him with dark hair), the other with shaggy brown hair, (I have recently seen him with a shaved head) driving around the area. About 8:45 A.M. I went into the lobby, and the guy with the shaggy brown hair was in the lobby, overweight, kneeling down on the floor by the sliding door, fiddling with the combination lock for quite some time.

As I walked by him, he stared at me intently, and a strange feeling came over me, as if I was being watched and stalked. I have never had this feeling before. I forgot something in my home, so I went back to retrieve something, and when I came back he was still fiddling with the lock, never to open or close the door or the lock, and was whistling the entire time.

If he was trying to look like a janitor, it was strange, because our contracted janitors visit our building on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Around 3:00 p.m, I came back home through the front door, and another man with a mustache, with gray hair, blue shirt, khaki pants, about 5" 10" ish was carrying a brief case, but it looked as if he never carried one in his life. He came into the building right after me, and than started walking in front of me, walking ever so slowly, whistling.

As I entered into my unit, I watched him enter the other door, staircase, to go upstairs. What is so odd about this is that if someone new is entering the building to go upstairs, you would enter the building from the FRONT as he did, and then go to the upstairs THROUGH THE STAIR CASE IN THE FRONT of the building, you would not go through the front door, to goTHROUGH THE BACK SIDEWALK AREA, to go to the upstairs units."

She further states that, "This incident coincidentally happened after a letter (Notice of Complaint was sent to the Attorney General, and I and the president received the letter." The purpose of her complaint was to inform him of unusual activities taking place with the property management.

In the aftermath of this bizarre situation, she awoke one night to investigate why a red light ray was aimed at her window. She peeped out her window to discover a mysterious man outside her house was the source. In the days, weeks, and months thats followed, her body has experienced intense pain, nausea, organs burning, and diarrhea.

Despite every hospital she's gone to, no doctor could provide a medical explanation to what was going on with her body.

This is something that she has never experienced her entire life, and it has taken a significant emotional toll on her life. She totally believes that this stalking is related to her letter submission to the Attorney General.

After making countless police reports, doctor visits, and efforts to raise public awareness, she conducted her own investigations to find out why these strange things were happening to her. What she found was that she was not alone. There were other victims, a support group, and even a pending legal action against covert stalking harassment, by holding the U.S Government for its failure to address this rarely-discussed issue, and lack of accountability.

Unfortunately, her stalkers know that information is power, and are somehow aware of her efforts to expose their "covert operations." Recently, they boldly broke into the trunk of her car in a highly observed area of witnesses, and stole important documents she had obtained that explained what was happening to her.

As a witness, I can personally testify to this theft, because I was with her having coffee when this crime took place.

The biggest fears of all three women is that very few or no one believes their story, and labeled them crazy, delusional, or both, although they have keen awareness of these events in their lives. Most people are not interested because it does not affect them. Then, there are also the many that refuse to get involve for the absolute fear of retaliation by the culprits.

In the end, it must be the many that exposes this semi-hidden, tactically covert evil by consistent exposure with their own voice. People's voices can be silenced from the lack of ears, but it doesn't mean they have to shut up, especially when their lives on the line. Most people know about Satan's greatest trick to the world. Those responsible for these actions feel that it is "the perfect crime."

However, it is not a "perfect crime" if they're caught......................or at least exposed.

Below are the following weblinks that give references and more information regarding "organized stalking" and "electronic harassment":

www.mindcontrolforums.com/victm-hm.htm www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Eleanor%20White www.freedomfchs.com/attorneylettertoleahy.pdf

"Every move you make, every breath you take, I'll be watching you!"

Lyrics from the 1983 hit single "Every Breath You Take" by the rock music band, "The Police."


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