Targeted Individuals

PNNscholar1 - Posted on 09 August 2010

Targeted Individuals

Marlon Crump/PNN
Thursday, October 8, 2009;

"It is heart-wrenching to realize that you have become a mind control experiment by your own government. It's something that I am still putting up with and coming to terms with. I don't have any drug history. I also have no criminal background and no DUIs. (Driving Under the Influence) My background is very clean so I am guessing I was just unlucky." (D. T.: Targeted Individual).

"They politics like ours profess, the greater prey upon the less."
Matthew Green, poet

"As for the so called protest, is it some lame ass conference call again? How is that going to get anything done let alone intimidate perps?"

Callous remarks from a discovered infiltrator name on a Yahoo Website safe haven for victims, called "Targeted Individuals."

His objective was to discourage, disrupt, and dismantle any attempts by the T.I. victims towards organizing a protest crisis call to action. I informed him with a chronology of obnoxious remarks that he failed on all accounts in his mission.

An empty air drafts an individual when an invisible trouble follows them every where they go. People who drifting off into the day, the night to a lake, a wooded area, or simply down a hallway. The immediate uncomfortable feeling of an unknown danger of the covert persuasion places them into immediate heart-pounding fear.

When that danger is discovered, the individual quickly fetch the nearest pay phone (if they are without a phone of their own) or a concerned citizen who just happens to witness the situation.

They feeling of relief enters their heart them when a police squad car pulls up to assist them. (Or are they really able or even willing to assist them?)

The individual turns to their local governmental authority to urge them to stop these acts from continuing. They are either assured that "an investigation will be underway" or they are simply told that there is nothing that they can do.

They then find themselves in more frightening situations where they're targeted and stalked--by means of manufactured sophisticated technologies used for terrorism, conquering, and control.

A control wave of invisible psychological concentration camps, by an unknown Fuhrer (leader) continues its reign. Many victims have actually called this the "silent Holocaust."

Covert stalkers often greet their victims literally right above their noses, some wearing smiles like wolves hiding behind sheep: Costumed as passerbys, people asking victims strange questions, police officers (the worst), doctors, and even a postal worker.

"On August 31st, 2009 at 3:00p.m., I approached the counter to have a piece of mail sent "certified." A T.I explained to me. (she requested to remain anonymous.) The postal worker looked angry, and as I placed my letter on the counter she stuck her tongue out at me." The T.I described, "in a very strong gesture, straight out of her mouth."

Amidst the bizarre behavior by the postal worker, and the T.I trying to avoid an unnecessary situation that was getting uglier by the minute, the woman said something terrifying: "WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE!"

It becomes blatantly obvious that a person like T.I has unwittingly become A "Targeted Individual!"

The T.I later explained that she was on a "hate list" after inquiring to the F.B.I. Are the covert stalkers fully aware of that fact?

The family of POOR Magazine/POOR News Network, including me, are targeted 24/7, because of the work that we do.

Poor communities of color vs land grabbers, youths vs the police vs the legal system, poor single mothers vs Child Protective Services vs corrupt judges, and unheard voices vs corporate mainstream media gives a frightening detail of the word itself, and not only from a covert persuasion.

Origins of covert perpetrators and stalkers who participate in these "operations" are usually people who willfully engage or are brainwashed in a structured, hate-filled environment.

The acts (and especially weapons) in question, comes from methods invented, used, and abused by primary U.S. "law enforcement" agencies and not just holocaustic hate groups, like the Ku Klux Klan:

The Federal Bureau of Investigations (F.B.I) (and its activist attacking operation program, COINTELPRO) Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A) National Security Association (NSA) and the highly opposed warrant less use of numerous surveillance cameras "Big Brother."

The weapons and devices of technological terror commonly used by the some of the above said law enforcement agencies and military armies are as follows:

Directed Energy Weapons (D.E.W.S)


.V2K (Voice to Skull/Mind Control)

.Microwave Weapons

(Among many others)

In my follow up article of, "Electronic Harassment" the voices of victims who are gang stalked, electronically harassed, attacked, and targeted in general, continue to echo into ears for help.

Sadly, many of those ears voluntarily remain deaf when it comes to their situations, particularly political figures who disguise themselves as "public servants."

I stated in "Electronic Harassment" of the Age of Technology Terror, "These victim's voices are seldom taken seriously due to the ignorance, disbelieving, scrutiny, and even ridicule resulting from such acts actually taking place leading many governmental authorities and their counterparts to conclude that such mysterious acts are "absurd" or "preposterous."

Unfortunately, there are living testimonies that state otherwise.

"The people that do not know about this are the ones who help reinforce the notion that all of us are delusional." Dr. John Hall, author of "A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America stated to me via email. "I am hoping to remedy some of that through education."

Dr. Hall, a T.I, (Targeted Individual) himself, risked his entire career towards exposing this form of seemingly-invisible technological terror in his book. Unfortunately, these perpetrators covert themselves behind the ignorance of society.

"However, before one comes to that conclusion, you've usually told your boss, family or physician that you're hearing voices or being attacked with unseen weapons. They, in turn, start the psychiatric ball rolling and before you know it you've been diagnosed as delusional and are totally discredited. Victims organizing and educating the public will be our way out."

Damien T., a T.I had a job with a multi-national aerospace manufacturer, global security, and advanced technology company. Consequently, he had to deal with a hostile work environment before he was laid off in 2007.

Things about his personal life were blurted out in conversations, even from his supervisor. This is what has been happening according to Torres's account:

"My manager would talk about things that I would do on the weekend while talking with other co-workers. He wouldn't specify my name, but it was things he would blurt out for no reason; things that I would do on the weekends in my own home. These conversations were made close enough to my cubicle so that I would hear them. It's obvious these incidents were intentional."

Damien later began to experience things of the technological terror persuasion.

"I first realized I was targeted back around late 2008. From what I remember, it was around September. I noticed noise campaigns from my Asian neighbors. There were incidents such as constant door slamming, stomping in front of my bedroom window, trash thrown around our condo, graffiti on our garage door. Also, I noticed a lot of unfamiliar faces at restaurants and bars.

Groups of people would walk in and sit around my area constantly looking towards my way. I also noticed them talking about my habits there were personal. Some remarks were personal in nature. It seemed to die down around December 2008."

But much to the surprise of Damien, they apparently had not.

"Towards the end of December 2008, I noticed odd noises throughout our condo unit, noises that followed me through my home." he said. "I would leave my bedroom and I would hear thumps (in the walls/ceilings) as I walked through the hallway and into the front room.

These odd noises still continue to this very day throughout my mother's condo unit.

All of her furniture, walls/ceilings, appliances, etc are constantly being hit with a sonic wave of varying frequencies. For example, the thump will sound louder depending on what's being hit and how forceful the sonic wave is.

I learned that computers (or digital computers) can be used to send out ultrasonic waves for harassment purposes. I am guessing these computers are used in tandem with our own government satellites (NSA). I can't imagine how some nut job in our government could come up with such an idea to specifically harass someone."

Damien believes he is a victim of V2K (Voice to Skull). His is based on some odd noises he's heard inside his head that sounded like a cheap-low frequency radio transmitter.

"The noises and voices also seem to be multi-directional." He explained. "It turns out that the V2K were coming from my own next door neighbors. The voices seemed to have an Asian accent. They would say words in Asian which I wouldn't understand or they would talk to me in English."

What the apparent motive (and strange eviction tactic) by his neighbors was to force him to move out since he has been unemployed for awhile.

Another T.I, name Diana M. a housewife with strong religious faith has underwent so much technological terroristic trauma that she herself began to question the level of her sanity. She bombarded me with a variety of supporting documents indicating no insanity.

Diana believes that the people involved are members of the K.K.K.(Ku Klux Klan) What she is undergoing is a form of mental rape and/or control. This was an account of what happened to her, seven years ago:

"The first time I new something was wrong was the day I couldn't walk forward." She explained. "I could walk backwards and sideways, but something was not allowing me to move forward at all.

I finally had to sit down and have an old acquaintance go get his car, walk backwards into it until I arrived at his home, then I could walk. Now trust me, I totally thought it was me."

Then the V2K period came for her, about two years later.

"I was sitting in my kitchen and all of a sudden, I heard a baseball game out of nowhere. Now I don't watch baseball or ever listen to it. I checked with my husband, but he had no idea. Every time I would turn my head a certain direction, I would hear a ball game.

This went on for I believe maybe a half hour at the most then the talking began. They wanted to make it seem completely spiritual, like I was walking down a certain spiritual path (shamanism) to be exact."

Ironically, this was during a period where Diana was on a path towards spirituality.

"I also remember in the beginning someone kept recording something that I said, or they said and switched it around. They completely started messing with my mind. The things that they do to a person, I know is something that my own mind would not make up."

Diana has had sleep deprivation, body swelling, and other forms of pain because of these acts. She even states that her and her husband tried to retreat underground in mines, but to no avail, the sounds actually followed her there. These methods by the unknown perps were to also destroy her marriage.

"They fill you with absolute fear, a vicious fear to look at yourself or anyone else even my husband. Through all of these attacks, I have been baptized confirmed, and married within the last five years."

To my knowledge and testimonies by the above T.Is, these attacks are ongoing.

In "Electronic Harassment" I listed a T.I as being anonymous, due to her fear for retaliation. Christine Lynn Harris, T.I and Anti-Organized Stalking activist decided to no longer be ruled by fear. She strongly believes her attackers involve a property manager, a law firm, and a member of the San Francisco Police Department Mission District Station.

All the attacks that occurred upon Christine, was after her "Notice of Complaint" was sent by her to the Attorney General Office, last year.

Her courage grew immensely when she took it really personal when her organs were hit with untold amounts of radiation. "I can handle the mental issue, but when you attack my body well now it is personal!" She was a constant E.R patient to a point where her organs have been significantly been damaged.

Although I originally listed Christine as being "anonymous" it did not take long for her enemies to figure out who story it was. They began to retaliate.

Her car was "towed" a short time after it was published, even though her parking didn't violate any parking and safety laws. The S.F City Attorney's Office reimbursed her the monies she paid to retrieve her car.

A C.D was placed by her car marked "murder" beside her car. Her computer has been hacked. A second attempt to "tow" her car took place, only to be thwarted by her upon discovering their weird activities outside. After taking their sketchy picture, she posted it online at YouTube.

The big question by us both was "Since when do tow truck companies ride around looking for expired license plates of parked cars? Isn't that a job for a police or a traffic safety officer?"

Christine believes that her car may have some sort of tracking or listening device hidden in her car based on the unexplained events around her.

She's outreached, spent her own money, and appealed to numerous politicians across the nation to put an end to these acts of terror and control. Very little has been done to eliminate the problem. Christine has even been on an online show regarding targeted victims, and told her story, but the problems still persist.

Not too long ago, I sent a letter (and published it online) to the White House, urging President Barack Obama and his administration to investigate these crimes. "Those responsible should be held accountable for these crimes." I said.

Only time will tell if the Obama Administration will step up to the task.

Like many T.I.s who are gripped by fear, isolation, anxiety, discouragement, and despair; they come to realize that only they can take action. Reluctant, fearful, and emotional, the inner strength and rage is what collectively combines their voices to combat the covert terror they meet each day.

Today exists a wide T.I network ranging locally and globally plan to protest a nationwide crises call to action, (throughout the month of October) as a first step to end this covert terror.

Targeted Individuals have decided to appeal to themselves for help by communicating and outreaching online on Yahoo, YouTube, Mind Justice (, etc, etc. Their only hope to finally get society to see the covert hands that cover their voices.

"Persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed." 2 Corinthians 4:9


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