PROPOSITION E FOR Evil, Extravagant, Un-Ethical Expenditure: Hilton Hotel and the Hotel Council

POOR correspondent - Posted on 30 June 2010

PNN Staff
Saturday, January 1, 2000

Why did the San Francisco Hilton and the Building Owners and Managers' Association (BOMA) contribute so generously to Earl Rynerson's Propostion E campaign?

Proposition E is an initiative that will be on the March 2000 ballot. It's main function is to cut public assistance checks by 85%. It mandates vouchers for housing and other services but does not ensure that these services exist. The proponents of this measure, themselves in the hotel business, have lied about the vacancy of hotel rooms in San Francisco. Everyone actually attempting to get shelter in San Francisco knows that there is a severe housing crisis, and in fact, no available single room occupancy hotel rooms. The backers of this initiative; The Hilton Hotel, ( $1, 900.00), the Business Owners Management Association ( $2,500.00 ), The Marriot Hotel ( $1,500.00) and many more, seem to have a conflict of interest in regards to the hotel vacancy rate. They falsely claim there are 3,400 vacant rooms in San Francisco. What would they have to gain by disinforming the public about the real vacancy rate in San Francisco? What do they really have to gain by creating an inititatve that would empty all the downtown SRO's. Perhaps more hotels that they could buy? Perhaps more opportunities to gentrify the Tenderloin, making these once affordable neighborhoods permanently unaffordable to low income San Franciscans. This is the first in an ongoing series on Propostion E.


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