We, the People.. Need to Be Heard!

root - Posted on 01 January 2000

POOR Magazine's Race, Poverty and Media Justice Institute did one of our Hip Hop Youth workshops with the Sophomores of Erica Viray's Social Justice Academy at San Leandro High School- see the Beautiful Art - read the Revolutionary WordZ from the Youth Skolaz!

by Staff Writer

We, the people, the oppressed need to be heard.

We are at the bottom of the pyramid.

The have nots of society.

Who are falsely accused of being the minority when we're really the majority, criminals, free, failures, immigrants, gang bangers.

These are just labels, ways to classify us, they're all lies.

Sons and daughters of the oppressed.

Who dream of a better future.

Who feel unheard, yet powerful.

Who need freedom, your help, and your voice to fix our community.

Who fear becoming another statistic.

Who gives a damn no matter what color, gender, or race.

Who would like to see a government that cares, people treated like human beings, and the people united, so stop labeling us.

Who will fight for what's right, be successful, stop ignorance, and prove them wrong.

Learn to survive.

We are the social justice academy, we fight for hope, justice, and freedom for generations to come, we are the people, the majority, the world.

We are not going to be judged by our race, but judged by the things we have done.

We did not get to choose, we were born as we were meant to be.

We will not be the pawns of society.

The people, united, will never be defeated because the people, united, can never be divided.


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