root - Posted on 31 December 1969

by Vlad Pogorelov

if you rich—it’s a novelty
if you poor— it’s a state of mind:
you just sitting by the polluted bay
and doing your time...

And you think that it’s not a crime
But the cops think just the opposite
and they give you stress:
“Guess what.”


“Just guess...”


“You’ve got to move! Move your fucking piece of shit RV, camper, junk car. The neighborhood businesses are complaining.”

“And if I don’t, then what?”

“If you don’t we’ll give you a little education called incarceration.”

“Policeman, listen, it’s a public street. I’ve got the rights too...”

“You shut the fuck up. Your words amount to nothing. If you don’t move by tomorrow you will experience a deep sorrow.”


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