Queer Boi vs The Strait Man

root - Posted on 30 June 2009

by Staff Writer

Queer Boi and his HIStory with Biological Males

By Queer Boi (WSR)

The first one

Bought me Suszy QÕs, cherry cokes, and let me pick the Fantasy Five on Fridays.

He would wake up at 4AM five days a week to go shine-up new cars so I wouldnÕt have too

He carried me asleep in his arms, up the stairs to our two-bedroom apartment

His actions spoke his affection

Especially on nights when he would blast Vicente Fernandez while drinking his Budweiser

Doors slamming, Vases flying, his screaming, my mothers crying

ÒIÕm not enough,Ó was the feeling my seven year-old lips sobbed onto my pillow

The second one

Made me lunches and fruit punch Kool-Aid during our summers at home alone

Beat the S-H-I-T out of any boys who made fun of me

And let me be Laserbeak to his Soundwave on our Cybertron

Unlike the one before him, whom we both called father, he let his words speak to his affections

ÒI would rather you be a criminal than turn out to be gayÓ

ÒIÕm not enoughÓ was the thought that crept into my head as I fled home

The third one

Made me feel like I belonged

Raza, Gay, English major who spoke Spanish w/ a gringo accent, and was estranged from family

One night, he rode in on white clouds that I inhaled when we kissed and enraptured my mind with the false strength and security I always wanted.

His actions spoke of his intentions

In the morning, he took my social, credit card, and the man I though I was

He stole my security and left in its place an empty stained pipe

ÒIÕm not enoughÓ

The current one

Caused the scar on my legs and arms and the loss of this front tooth

Looks to drown out insecurity and loneliness with Bacardi, fast men, and pretty shoes

My actions speak my affections

Now it is my father and brother who cry when I drink

Now they tell me I am enough


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