welfareQUEEN vs The Poverty Pimp

root - Posted on 28 June 2009

by Staff Writer

I am the welfareQUEEN
By Tiny aka The welfareQUEEN

I am the welfareQUEEN

Marginalized, criminalized, a bum at best

Your bitch

Got to beg you for money
have no right to privacy family secrets,
Underground work- Tell you all kind of personal stories bout struggle, survival, unbelieveble hurt I am used by you and you are used by the sys

I take your disrespect, act like I agree with it
Internalize your hate and hegemony and believe in it

Love you like I am you feel your disgust-

I am the welfareQUEEN
I am human, I am beautiful , I am a mama, I am
an artist, a philospher, caregiver, an advocate, I
navigate a complex welfaresystem and the non
profit industrial complex by any means necessary
i exist in a scarcity model that destroys people for asking for help-
I beg for child care, food stamps, housing subsidies and I do it good

You arent my pimp but I treat you like one
I try to please you I stand in your lines, and wait in your lobbies,
I waste entire days in pursuit of housing and job skills-
I work for less than minimum wage and beg you for more,

I bring you all the system loooovvvve you need
and more,
weekly time-sheets, 50 page filled applications and proof of income forms,

I am the welfareQueen
and I work for you poverty pimp-
I am your bitch but im not
im resistin, philosophizing, thinking and one day
I will overthrow this poverty pimpin destruction as a human model of care-giving, and love

The Poverty Pimp's Lament by Tony Robles aka The P-I-M-P

Pimpin’ all I see,

Pimpin’ you, she

He and sometimes

Even me

I robbed the poor

Box at St. Boniface

And nailed Jesus

Top a cross with nails

Marked half off

When you turn on the

Lights you see the

Whites of my lies

The furnace of my flesh

Stench and filth fills

Walls plugged up with the

Rotten teeth of PO-LICE

My poem is the whisper

Of a corpse, the dust

Of tainted symphonies made

Of sound proof bricks

Falling one by one

Like the rusty blood

Of a dead faucet

I am the poverty pimp

Secluded in poverty pimpdom

Wearing a poverty pimp smoking

Jacket and poverty pimp


Jockey shorts

Signed sealed

Delivered the money

Ain’t yours

I am the poverty pimp

Wearing a poverty pimp

Stocking mask with the

Eyes torn out

One eye to rob you

Blind, the other

To roll like a marble

I am the poverty pimp

At the top of the poverty

Pimp food chain

Love me feed me

Love me feed me

Love me feed me

I say

I ain’t such a bad


I’ll pimp you

Out, 80-20

In my favor

I am the poverty

Pimp, standin’ walkin’

Stalkin’ with a poverty

Pimp limp

Standing on

Your backs

Creeping down

Your spine

Your poverty

Is mine

You poverty


I am the poverty

Pimp spelled



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