The Black Kripple vs Moto Italiano

root - Posted on 28 June 2009

by Staff Writer

Black HEart by The Black Kripple aka Leroy Moore

I’m the Black Kripple

Going through politicians’ wallets

To balance the budget

Foreclosure on the Governor’s mansion

Take him to what he had built, prison

Life sentence with no parole

No reparations no bailouts

Welcome to the Black Planet

Mr. White taking orders from Black Prez

What’s wrong Mr. White you look pale

With your polyester suits, white sheets & Black & Blue

Bowing down to the Red, Black & Green

Pumping Krip-Hop in your ear

Telling the truth from Elvis to Eminmem

Mr. White trying to take our music

For what, we all know you can’t dance

Forget you Mr. White its Valentine's Day

Yeah, I’m in love

In love with the revolution

But keep your hard heart candy

Because on inauguration day I took a bite of the chocolate city

Turning from milky to dark chocolate

What’s that saying, Love your enemies

But what love has to do with it

Who needs a heart in this capitalist system

The Black Kripple is the butler serving you your last super

Four course meal with a plate of PNN’s poverty, race & disability newz

To satisfy your sweet tooth for dessert,

a scoop of ice cold reverse discrimination

Making you constipate

MLK told me to turn the other cheek

But I updated his philosophy

To give you these Black butt checks

Ha, ha, ha you just got schooled and mooned by the Black Kripple


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