The System Bitch Vs The Social WOrker

root - Posted on 28 June 2009

by Staff Writer

SYSTEMBITCH (Old school rap) by Laure McElroy aka The System Bitch

My job dropped a dime to my worker
so my foodstamps got cut
we ate that month
didn't pay no rent
now we're kicked out on our butts
Now this joint's gone global
but only if you're rich
I'm caught on a catch
and scrilla's the scratch
this broke-ass birth can't itch

I go no money!
What am I gonna do??!

Moved into my sister's
thought we'd save a dollar
her crackhead man went golden gloves
he beat her and she hollered
CPS said "bitch - the home you in ain't safe...
Move out or we'll jack those brats
They'll be wards of the state."

I'm on the street again
They took my babies

Sinkin' fast, subprime disaster
the state is broke
our republican masters
tax the poor
too feed the rich
y'all think it's a joke / til you're the next


Your Social Worker

By Vivian Hain aka The Social Worker (and welfareQUEEN)

Welfare Reform? Hellfare Deform… Now time to conform!

Cuz’ I’m your social worker, your poverty pimp

Gatekeeper, grim reaper, employment specialist

Helligibility worker, case manager, cuz’ you are my bitch!

Want me to pay you?, no I’m gonna’ play you

So walk thru’, talk to, what the fuck do you want, you?

Broke down mama, your trauma, dramarama,

Of hoppin’ n’ poppin’ not stoppin’, n’ droppin’ n’ boppin’

with who you do to, the muthafuckas’ you screw

Makin’ n’ bakin’ a bunch of daddy-less kids again n’ again?

While stayin’ n playin’ with punk ass bull-shittin’ men?

But you keep me employed, yeeah, I’m getting fat bank roll,

though it makes me annoyed

But why should I care?, you ain’t gonna’ sit back,

In my plastic chair, bitch pull up your bootstraps

Broke down, spoke down, you want me to throw down?

Think your pathetic existence, managing on a subsistence?

Is a free meal ticket for you to get cash-aid assistance?

For welfare, hellfare, fill out that stack of forms there

The same o’, blame those, it’s all in the game so,

Ya’ say you’ve been used, abused, n’ feeling confused?

Now you want me to approve you?, I’d rather remove you

Outta’ that chair, as you sit there and stare

I deeply despise you, but do realize too

That superbabymama, I also do love you

For getting me paid for the mistakes that you’ve made

As you sit there before me beg, lie n’ cry-

Cuz’ I’m the determinator, perpetrator, terminator

Of who is undeserving and deserving of aid.


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