The Poverty Scholar vs The Akademik

root - Posted on 31 December 1969

by Staff Writer




The study of us

Without us

Our spirit,

Our cultures

Our language

Our traditions

Through your lens,

Your frame

Your perspective



Deconstructing our struggle

Figuring us out while our communities are dismantled and in rubble

Funded by fellowships

Acquired with academic privelege.

Linguistic domination gifts

Long ago parsed out to the sorted and separated

Who Exceled in amerikkka skoool systems, formal institutions of learning, the myth of incluson and independence

How you gonna take photographic essays of gente pobre in Nicaragua, Arkansas and bangledesh

But not give them so much as a slice of your



and access

How you gonna fly

Back to your lands,

Your publishers

Your nest

With warm feelings

of 21st century colonizers,

our stories

and a good grade on your thesis and final tests

Sooooo I have a new plan

Its called sharing the wealth

Accreditation and linguistic domination


Flipping the hierarchy

Of who is an expert, scholar

Who does the picture-taking, story-making

And who gives the tests

Mamalaure, jewnbug, Gloria, teresa, queenandi, marlon,tony, bruce, jasmine, tibu vivien, me, an gente pobre the world over hold the knowledge, of survival, struggle, thrival to create a new kind of fellow-ship that is rooted in all of our gifts

ItÕs a new non-colonizing, non-heriarchal, equity sharing tip- called poverty scholarship-

And we can begin by funding the poverty scholars in residence Ð with resources, housing and homefulness


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